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European Summit on Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing

Engaging and Empowering Patients – The Role of Reference Sites: Lessons Learned - Do’s and Don’ts

Tuesday 10 March 2015
Time: 14:00 to 16:00


Engaging and empowering patients are important enablers in our transforming healthcare systems, in order to turn the current medical oriented care delivery into a more holistic social health approach. Engaging and empowering the individual patient and his carers is done at a community level, while developing and implementing related programs and strategies are often depending on the constraints imposed by our existing healthcare and funding system. Accordingly, the key question is how to facilitate a successful personalized empowerment approach at a community level, which take in account the specific needs of the local people and setting.

During the eHealth forum last year in Athens, various representatives of the EIP-AHA Action Groups and other stakeholders took part in an expert forum and discussed about key aspects of 'community empowerment and the role of technology' on basis of various pitches (presentation and meeting report available).
As a follow-up we would like to go into detail on various topics raised during the forum last year. The context of the meeting is that we want to share experiences and ideas on the integrated approach where work floor practicalities and system requirements come together. Each topic is briefly introduced by an illustrative showcase (max. 3 minutes) after which participants are invited to reflect on their experiences. The discussion follows a semi-structured format lead by the moderator to address relevant aspects.



Moderators: David Somekh