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European Summit on Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing



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Day 1

Welcome Coffee and Registration
Opening Statement
European Commissioner Günther Oettinger (Digital Economy & Society)
Thematic Debates Workshops
  Investment that supports Innovation Knowledge sharing for Scaling Up

Sustainable Health & Care Systems for an Ageing Population

Opening: Martin Seychell (Deputy Director General, DG SANTE, European Commission)

Alojz Peterle MEP (Slovenia)
Egita Pole (Under Secretary of State on Health Policy, Latvia)
Mary Harney (Chair of the European Steering Group on Sustainability of Healthcare)
Rafael Bengoa (Deusto Business School, Spain)
Alex Ross (WHO Kobe)

Moderator: Peter O'Donnell (The European Voice)

Financing ICT Innovation in Active and Healthy Ageing: New Funding Opportunities and Models from the Investment world

Opening: Michal Boni MEP (Poland)

Stephen Von Rump (CEO and Founder at Giraff Technologies, Sweden)
Florian Reinaud (Partner, Innovation Capital, France)
Candace Johnson (President, European Association for Business Angels EBAN, Belgium)
John Matheson (Director of Health Finance, eHealth and Pharma, Scottish Government, UK)
Harald Gruber (Head of Division, European Investment Bank)

Moderator: Juan Carlos Castrosin (CEO Platform of Investments and Powerful Inventions, and Vice-Chair of the AAL Advisory Board)


The Silver Economy; longevity as a driver of economic growth

Opening: Zoran Stančič (Deputy Director General, DG CNECT, European Commission)

Lambert van Nistelrooij MEP (The Netherlands)
Jeroen Tas (Global CEO Philips Informatics, Netherlands)
Klaus Dittrich (Chairman and CEO Messe Munich, Germany)
Thierry Zylberberg (CEO, Orange Healthcare, France)

Moderator: Ryan Heath (Director, The Centre)

Ageing in the Workplace. JPI More Years, Better Lives: current practices and a new Joint Call for Proposals

Wenke Apt (VDI/VDE-IT, Demographic Change and Futures Studies, Germany)
Eskil Wadensjö (Director SOFI, Swedish Institute for Social Research, Sweden)
Christian Hunkler (Munich Center for the Economics of Ageing, Max-Planck-Institute)

Moderator: Martijntje Bakker (ZonMW)





Changing Demographics; the Impact on Europe's Workforce and Social Model

Sarah Rochira (Older People's Commissioner for Wales, UK)
Jael Quistgaard-Leth (Senior Value Advisor, Social Protection EMEA, SAP, Denmark)
Anders Ekholm (Director of the Institute for Futures Studies, Sweden)
• Alf-Rüdiger König (Head of Department for Social Affairs, Saxony Region, Germany)
Helen Campbell (Age and Opportunity (Ireland) and Vice-President of AGE Platform Europe)

Moderator: Peter O'Donnell (The European Voice)

The Social and Financial impact of Investments in Active and Healthy Ageing solutions

Karl Richter (CEO and Co-Founder of Engagedx Investment, UK)
Karen E. Wilson (Bruegel Think Tank, Belgium)
Fausto Felli (President, Equity in Health Institute, Italy)
Mariëlle Swinkels (Strategic advisor Smart Health, Brabant Region, Netherlands)

Moderator: Shabs Rajasekharan (Director & Co-Founder at Smarter Futures EEIG, Spain)

Design for Ageing. Examples of design-centred European initiatives to meet the needs of a rapidly growing ageing population

Mat Hunter (Chief Design Officer, UK Design Council, UK)
Mark Mobach (Professor, Hanze University Groningen)
Marta Fernandez (Arup Global Research Leader)
Lee Omar (CEO Red Ninja Studios, UK)

Moderator: Mat Hunter (Chief Design Officer, UK Design Council, UK)


Coffee break
Keynote Speech
European Commissioner Carlos Moedas (Research, Science & Innovation)

Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing, from concept to reality, from local to global

Denis O'Mahony (University College Cork, Ireland)
Toshio Obi (Chair of the APEC e-Ageing Project, Japan)
Ewa Ställdal (Director General, FORTE, the Government´s Research Council and Funding Agency for Health, Working Life and Welfare, Sweden)
• Richard Torbett (Chief Economist, The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations)
Frans Jaspers (Social Economic Council Northern Netherlands and Healthy Ageing Network Northern Netherlands)

: Ryan Heath (Director, The Centre)

Public Procurement for ICT Innovation in Active and Healthy Ageing. Sharing best practices amongst national and regional authorities

• Jim Wells (Minister for Health, Social Services and Public Safety, Northern Ireland, UK)
Bleddyn Rees (Head of Healthcare at Wragge, Lawrence, Graham & Co., UK)
Caterina Sampol (Catalan Agency for Health Information, Assessment, Spain)
Karsten Uno Petersen (Chairman of Innovation Southern Denmark Region, Denmark)

Moderator: Paul Timmers (European Commission, Director, DG Connect H)

National and Regional Strategies to Boost the Silver Economy. New projects and good practices areas of innovation for active and healthy ageing

Brigitte van Haaften-Harkema (Member of the Noord-Brabant Provincial Executive, Netherlands and partner in CORAL (Community of Regions for Assisted Living in Europe)
Jackie Marshall-Balloch (Lead Specialist) and Ian Spero (Advisor Innovate UK)
Jérôme Arnaud (CEO Silver Valley France and DORO) and Michèle Debonneuil (Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, France)
Julien Venne (Strategic Advisor, European Connected Health Alliance)

Moderator: Elettra Ronchi (Senior Policy Analyst OECD)

(no thematic debate)
Leveraging Impact of Public Private Partnerships on active and healthy ageing. The example from the robotics sector

Opening: Khalil Rouhana (European Commission, Director, DG Connect A)

Paolo Dario (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Robotics Institute Pisa, Italy and SPARC)
Ovidiu Vermesan (Chief Scientist, SINTEF, Norway and IoT)
Markus Wilkens (Senior Technology Consultant, VDI, Germany and Photonics21)
David Soldani (VP Huawei European Research Centre)
Jackie Marshall-Balloch (Lead Specialist, Innovate UK, and SILVER PCP project)
Andreas Wild (ECSEL Joint Undertaking)

Moderator: Peter Saraga (Member of the Horizon 2020 SC1 Advisory Group and Chair of the AAL Advisory Board)


Day 2: Working Sandpits and Workshops

  Economic Growth Stream Investment Stream Health and Care Stream Technology Stream Social Impact Stream
Opening statement  PDF icon 3.7 MB
Markku Markkula
President of the Committee of the Regions
SP 1: The future of Age-Friendly Homes, Cities and Communities
Challenge: How can Europe meet the growing demand for age-friendly homes?
SP 2: Attracting Private Equity and Public Investment into Active and Healthy Ageing innovation
Challenge: How can European innovators attract fresh public and private investment into innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing? Which instruments can be used or created?
SP3a: Innovation for integrated care: Going beyond Technology
Challenge: How can innovation become an integrated part of health and care strategies across Europe?
SP8b: Health Workforce
Challenge: How can innovation become an integral part of health and care strategies across Europe?
SP4: From Idea to Market: large scale innovation deployment
Challenge: What are the critical factors for successful market entry and how to scale up from there?
SP5: How to empower elderly people through ICT solutions
Challenge: How to ensure elderly people's rights and meet their expectations in line with evolution of society?
Coffee Break
SP6: Silver-tourism as an opportunity for growth and jobs
Challenge: How can Europe stimulate demand for off-season senior tourism?
SP7: Crowd funding and Social Impact Investment
Challenge: Which instruments can be used or created for European innovators to attract fresh public and private investment?
SP8a: Nutrition and Frailty
Challenge: How can innovation become an integral part of health and care strategies across Europe?
SP3b: Increasing adherence capitalising on pharmacists
Challenge: How can innovation become an integrated part of health and care strategies across Europe?
SP9: The great global race for tech innovation –developing a European competitive edge in active and healthy ageing
Challenge: Which technological and societal game changers will influence the success of future solutions –and how can Europe lead?
S10: How to better capture social impact and meet the needs of all parties
Challenge: How to support decision-making process and ensure mutual benefit for all?
Moderators of the Work Streams
Zoran Stančič (Deputy Director General, DG CNECT, European Commission)
Ladislav Miko (Acting Director General, DG SANTE, European Commission)
Networking lunch


Engaging and Empowering Patients - The Role of Reference Sites Maturity model for regions (organised by Action Group B3) Workshop on the implemented practices identified in healthy ageing actions of the Health Programme (organised by CHAFEA)
Towards interoperability profiles for open platforms Key EU initiatives in the field of Active Healthy Ageing Impact investing in Smart Health Ecosystems (organised by CORAL and ECHAlliance)
(open only to CORAL and ECHAlliance members)
AGE Platform:
Meeting with Stakeholders

(open to Age Platform members only)
Role of COHORTS Research in fostering INNOVATION Ageing Research Workshop: Welcome to Wales
(a separate registration is needed)
Unfolding Successful AAL Solutions