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Innovation Union Competitiveness Report 2011

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Table of contents

Foreword  1.0 MB

Executive summary  1.2 MB

Overall picture: Europe’s competitive position in research and innovation - acting in the new geography of knowledge  1.3 MB

Chapter 1. The EU’s overall performance in research and innovation  850 KB

Chapter 2. Investments in knowledge and human resources  782 KB

Chapter 3. Towards the construction of a European Research Area open to the world  775 KB

Chapter 4. Innovation for a knowledge economy and societal challenges  794 KB


Part I: Investment and performance in R&D — Investing for the future  8.4 MB

Chapter 1. Progress towards EU and national R&D intensity targets  2.3 MB

Chapter 2. Effect of the economic crisis on R&D investment  1.2 MB

Chapter 3. Public investment in research and education  1.5 MB

Chapter 4. Investing in human resources for R&D  1.6 MB

Chapter 5. Business sector investment in R&D  3.0 MB

Chapter 6. Outputs and efficiency of science and technology in Europe  2.1 MB

Part II: A European Research Area open to the world - towards a better and competitive research and innovation system  11.2 MB

Chapter 1. Strengthening public research institutions  2.0 MB

Chapter 2. Knowledge transfer and public–private cooperation  2.1 MB

Chapter 3. Addressing the gender gap in science and innovation  2.0 MB

Chapter 4. Optimising research programmes and infrastructures  4.3 MB

Chapter 5. Mobility of researchers and human resources  1.5 MB

Chapter 6. Free movement of science and technology across Europe and beyond  2.5 MB

Part III: Towards an innovative Europe — contributing to the Innovation Union  8.4 MB

Chapter 1. Fast-growing innovative firms  1.4 MB

Chapter 2: Framework conditions for business R&D  2.5 MB

Chapter 3. Structural change for a knowledge-intensive economy  1.7 MB

Chapter 4. Achieving economic competitiveness  3.2 MB

Chapter 5. Addressing societal challenges  2.1 MB

New perspectives: Smarter policy design - building on diversity  5.0 MB

Chapter 1. Diversity of European countries  932 KB

Chapter 2. Thematic diversity: specialisation at national and regional level  2.6 MB

Chapter 3. Trust and dialogue between science and society  2.6 MB

Country review of EU Member States and Associated countries  13.6 MB