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Innovation Union Competitiveness Report 2011

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Data and statistics

This page gives you access to all the graphs and statistical data in the IUC report. They are available as both PDF and Excel files (including both data and graphs) and are very easy to find.

If you wish to have all data on the most common indicators, please click on "Key indicators". You will then find Excel data for the EU, the USA, Japan, China and South Korea. 

If you wish to have the data for any of the figures in the IUC report, please click on one of the other headings below.

For example, if you are interested in Figure III.3.8. in the report:

Key indicators  1.3 MB

Executive summary
FIGURE 1 Opinion of European citizens on the three main priorities  48 KB

Overall picture:
Europe’s competitive position in research and innovation
- acting in the new geography of knowledge

Part I: Investment and performance in R&D - Investing for the future

Part II: A European Research Area open to the world - towards a better and competitive research and innovation system

Part III: Towards an innovative Europe - contributing to the Innovation Union

New perspectives:
Smarter policy design - building on diversity

Country review of EU Member States and Associated countries