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Other studies on Research and Innovation

Innovation Union Competitiveness papers

Issue 2013/1 - Internationalisation of business investments in R&D   PDF icon 3.3 MB
Issue 2013/2 - Innovation Union Competitiveness papers in joint and open R&D programmes  PDF icon 369 KB
Issue 2013/3 - Europe’s competitive technology profile  PDF icon 861 KB
Issue 2013/4 - Co-development of science and technology  PDF icon 934 KB ( Annex 1  PDF icon 689 KB / Annex 2  PDF icon 4.8 MB )

Investments in Joint and Open R&D programmes (JOREP)

JOREP Final Report  PDF icon 2.2 MB
JOREP Handbook  PDF icon 927 KB

Study in internationalisation of business investments in R&D and analysis of their economic impact

Executive summary (20pp)  PDF icon 3.3 MB
Complete final report (84pp)  PDF icon 3.0 MB

Analysis and Regular Update of Bibliometrics Indicators

Analysis of bibliometric indicators for European policies, 2000-2013  PDF icon 9.6 MB
Scientific Output and Collaboration of Research Public Organisations  PDF icon 2.5 MB
Country and Regional Scientific Production Profiles  PDF icon 4.9 MB
Scientific Output and Collaboration of European Universities  PDF icon 2.5 MB
Scientific Output and Collaboration of Companies Publishing the Most in the ERA  PDF icon 1001 KB
Intra-European Cooperation compared to International Collaboration of the ERA countries  PDF icon 3.1 MB
Cross-Cutting Analysis of Scientific Publications versus Other Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators  PDF icon 1.1 MB

Measurement and analysis of knowledge and R&D exploitation flows, assessed by patent and licensing data

Analysis of Patents & Licencing for European policies, 2000-2013  PDF icon 969 KB
Intra-European cooperation compared to international collaboration  PDF icon 2.7 MB
Exploitation of technological results by the market  PDF icon 4.2 MB
Patterns of Science-Technology Linkage  PDF icon 2.5 MB
PATLICE Survey - Survey on patent licensing activities by patenting firms  PDF icon 2.0 MB
The technological profile and specialisation pattern of countries  PDF icon 2.1 MB

Regional Key Figures Reports

Regional Innovation in the Innovation Union (2012)  PDF icon 3.1 MB
Capacities of regions the Human Resources dimension in EU regional analysis (2012)  PDF icon 951 KB
Knowledge-Intensive (Business) Services in Europe (2011)  PDF icon 3.2 MB
Identification of Knowledge-driven Clusters in the EU (2010)  PDF icon 3.4 MB
Evidence of Networking in the European Research Area (2010)  PDF icon 11.9 MB
Cohesion policy and regional research and innovation potential (2010)  PDF icon 3.3 MB
Analysis of the development of R&D expenditure at the regional level in the light of the 3% target (2009)  PDF icon 1.8 MB
International Science & Technology Specialisation (2009)  PDF icon 2.3 MB
International Science & Technology Specialisation (2009) - Annex  PDF icon 967 KB
Europe’s regional research systems: current trends and structures  PDF icon 3.5 MB
Exploring regional technology specialisation: Implications for policy  PDF icon 1.3 MB

ERAC mutual learning exercises

Mutual Learning Seminars

Final Report (2014)  PDF icon 975 KB
Final Report - Session I (2014)  PDF icon 980 KB
Final Report - Session II (2014)  PDF icon 938 KB
Final Report (2013)  PDF icon 982 KB
Summary Report (2013)  PDF icon 238 KB
Final Report (2012)  PDF icon 663 KB

ERAC peer reviews

2014 Report - Spain  PDF icon 1.7 MB
2014 Report - Iceland  PDF icon 760 KB
2012 Report Denmark  PDF icon 873 KB
2012 Report Estonia  PDF icon 1013 KB
2011 Report Belgium  PDF icon 3.4 MB
2010 Report Slovenia  PDF icon 1.0 MB

Some additional sources:

Other studies from ERA portal
Other studies from FP7 Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH) Programme
Other studies from DG Enterprise and Industry
Other studies from Investing in European Research website

Other studies on innovation

Patent costs and impact on innovation  PDF icon 5.6 MB
Policies in support of high-growth innovative enterprises
   - Part 1: Characterisation of innovative high-growth firms  PDF icon 1.1 MB
   - Part 2: Policy measures to improve the conditions for the growth of innovative enterprises  PDF icon 2.1 MB
Evolution of China's Innovation Performance (2000-2013)  PDF icon 1.3 MB
IU21 Knowledge Transfer study – Work Package 2 interim results  PDF icon 1.4 MB
Study on Screening of Regulatory Framework  PDF icon 4.5 MB
Regulatory Screening short guide  PDF icon 272 KB
2010-2012 Knowledge Transfer Study  PDF icon 4.7 MB
Sectoral innovation coefficients  PDF icon 366 KB
INTERNATIONAL KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER: Investigations of European Practices  PDF icon 552 KB
New Trends in Innovation - TEDx meets the European Commission  PDF icon 583 KB
Intellectual Property Management in International Research Collaboration Agreements between European and Non-European Partners  PDF icon 133 KB
A Composite Indicator for Knowledge Transfer Report from the European Commission′s Expert Group on Knowledge Transfer Indicators  PDF icon 785 KB
Assessment of two candidate headline indicators for knowledge transfer Report of the Knowledge Transfer Indicators Expert Group of the European Commission  PDF icon 227 KB
Interim Findings 2011 of the Knowledge Transfer Study 2010-2012  PDF icon 2.1 MB
Studies to support the work of the European Research Area Board (ERAB)
Study on the cost of the non-innovative Europe (P.Zagamé, L.Soete (2010))
The EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard
European Cluster Observatory
INNO-Policy TrendChart