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Europe 2020

Europe 2020 Strategy
Annual Growth Survey 2011
2012 ERAC Mutual Learning Seminar on Research and Innovation Policies - Report  PDF icon 663 KB

Innovation Union policy

 State of the Innovation Union - taking stock 2010-2014
Communication: Research and innovation as sources of renewed growth - COM(2014) 339  PDF icon 417 KB
brochureState of the Innovation Union - taking stock 2010-2014  PDF icon 1.9 MB

 State of the Innovation Union 2012

State of the Innovation Union 2011

brochure State of the Innovation Union 2011
- a more attractive version of the progress report above
  PDF icon 3.3 MB

Innovation Union Communication ( 202 KB)    ( 234 KB)    ( 427 KB)

brochure The English ( 1.4 MB) , French and German versions of the communication are also available to download in a more attractive format via the EU Bookshop.

 Accompanying document to the Communication - Rationale for Action ( 533 KB)
 Innovation priorities for Europe – Presentation of J.M. Barroso to the European Council, 04/02/11 ( 424 KB)
 Background on innovation in Europe – Information prepared for the European Council, 04/02/11 ( 430 KB)

Monitoring the Innovation Union

Innovation Union progress at country level 2014 (PDF icon 5.3 MB)
Innovation Union Competitiveness report 2013 (PDF icon 16.0 MB)
Report on the Headline indicators for the innovation union (PDF icon 340 KB)
Innovation Union Scoreboard
Innovation Union Competitiveness report 2011
Innovation Union Atlas (PDF icon 3.9 MB)
Innovation Union Information and Intelligence system (I3S)
European Research Area Board (ERAB) Annual Reports 2009, 2010, 2012

Reports of Expert Groups on Innovation Union topics

Report of the Expert Group on Patent Aggregation (PDF icon 1.3 MB)
Report of the Expert Group on Text and Data Mining (PDF icon 1.9 MB)
Report of the Expert Group for the review of European Innovation Partnerships (PDF icon 1.1 MB)
Report of the Expert Group on public sector innovation (Executive summary) (PDF icon 2.2 MB) - Annex (PDF icon 788 KB)
Report of the Expert Group on Retail Innovation sector (PDF icon 1.3 MB) - Annex (PDF icon 2.0 MB)
Report of the Expert Group on Intellectual Property valuation (PDF icon 1.5 MB)
Report of the Expert Group on Knowledge Transfer and Open Innovation (PDF icon 924 KB) - Annex (PDF icon 1.2 MB)

Other studies on research and innovation

Visit the following page for
Other studies on Research and Innovation

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