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Innovation Union is the European Union strategy to create an innovation-friendly environment that makes it easier for great ideas to be turned into products and services that will bring our economy growth and jobs.

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Friday, 20 January 2017

Research Headlines - Dyeing proteins to peer deeper inside living cells

[Source: Research & Innovation] Super-resolution microscopy that allows researchers to see inside nerve cells, track disease-causing proteins and watch cell division in living organisms earned three scientists the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 2014. Building on that breakthrough, a Marie Curie post-doctoral fellow has developed a pioneering technique to peer even more closely inside living cells at the nano-scale, using fluorescent dyes to label the tiny amino acids that are the building blocks of all proteins.

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2 February 2017

The future for UK science and innovation funding and policy - Brexit, the HE and Research Bill and supporting disruptive innovation, London, United Kingdom

With a National Innovation Plan currently scheduled for release in late 2016 and with huge uncertainty over the long-term impact of the EU referendum result on UK science funding and collaborations this conference will be a timely opportunity to draw together key policymakers and affected stakeholders to discuss the future of science and innovation policy.

Topics for discussion will include those outlined in the consultation for the National Innovation Plan, such as the policy direction needed to maximise the opportunities presented by ‘big data’, potential further reform of IP laws, improving access to finance for disruptive start-ups and ‘challenger businesses’, as well as how the UK can retain and continue to attract R&D-intensive businesses to operate here.