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The Innovation Ouput Indicator measures the extent to which ideas from innovative sectors are able to reach the market, providing better jobs and making Europe more competitive

Innovation Output Indicator

The Indicator was presented by the European Commission in a Communication and a Staff Working Document adopted on 13 September 2013.

The proposed indicator is based on four components chosen for their policy relevance.

  • Technological innovation as measured by patents.
  • Employment in knowledge-intensive activities as a percentage of total employment.
  • Competitiveness of knowledge-intensive goods and services. This is based on both the contribution of the trade balance of high-tech and medium-tech products to the total trade balance, and knowledge-intensive services as a share of the total services exports.
  • Employment in fast-growing firms of innovative sectors.

Communication (all languages): Link

Staff Working Document (English only): Link (1,48MB)

Figure 1: Innovation output indicator scores: ranking of EU Member States

EU average set to 100 in 2010

Figure 2: Innovation output indicator scores: non-EU countries


State of the Innovation Union 2015

brochureState of the Innovation Union 2015  PDF icon 2.1 MB


State of the Innovation Union 2014

The Europe 2020 strategy and its ╩╗flagship╩╝ initiatives focus on investments in education, research and innovation as the key to achieving smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. The Innovation Union flagship in particular is about creating a vibrant, innovation-based economy fuelled by ideas and creativity, capable of linking into global value chains, seizing opportunities, capturing new markets and creating high-quality jobs. This communication summarises progress at Member State and European levels towards achieving an Innovation Union in 2014, and concludes by outlining areas where action is still needed.

State of the Innovation Union Report 2012  PDF icon 2.1 MB

  • All languages:  ( ~700 KB)

Innovation Union progress at country level 2014

Innovation Union progress at country level 2014 (PDF icon 5.3 MB) (All Countries)

Innovation Union progress at country level 2014 (E-Publication - FlipBook icon e-Publication)