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  • Dr. Suzanne Aigrain

    Lecturer in Astrophysics in Oxford

    Mrs Suzanne Aigrain
  • Mr Jack Andraka

    Founder of cancer detector

    Mr Jack Andraka
  • Mr Peter Arvai

    Cofounder and CEO of Prezi

    Mr Peter Arvai
  • Ms Elena Arzak

    Chef and co-director of the Arzak restaurant together with her father Juan Mari

    Ms Elena Arzak
  • Mr Lino Barañao

    Argentinean Minister of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation

    Mr Luis Barañao
  • Mr Pedro Baranda

    President of OTIS elevator company

    Mr Pedro Baranda
  • Mr. José Manuel Durão Barroso

    President of the European Commission

    Mr. José Manuel Durão Barroso
  • Ms Elif Bilgin

    Winner of Google Science Fair 2013 “Science in Action Award” and “Voter’s Choice Award”

    Ms Elif Bilgin
  • Prof. Jean-Pierre Bourguignon

    President of the European Research Council

    Prof. Jean-Pierre Bourguignon
  • Mr Jordan Casey

    Founder of TeachWare

    Mr Jordan Casey
  • Ms Paloma Castro Martinez

    Director of Global Corporate Affairs for LVMH

    Ms Paloma Castro Martinez
  • Mr Xavier Damman

    Cofounder of

    Mr Xavier Damman
  • Ms Jacki Davis

    Journalist and moderator

    Ms Jacki Davis
  • Dr. Marijn Dekkers

    Chairman of the Board of Management of Bayer AG

    Dr. Marijn Dekkers
  • Michel Destot

    Mayor of Grenoble

    Michel Destot
  • Professor Dame Athene Donald

    Professor of Experimental Physics, Cambridge University

    Professor Dame Athene Donald
  • Mrs Hanan Dowidar

    Vice President, Forum for Euro-Mediterranean Innovation in Action

    Mrs Hanan Dowidar
  • Mr Alberto Elias

    Cofounder of Holalabs

    Mr Alberto Elias
  • Mrs May El Khalil

    Founder & President of the Beirut Marathon Association

    Mrs May El Khalil
  • Dr. Thomas Enders

    CEO of Airbus Group

    Dr. Thomas Enders
  • Mr Christopher Frangione

    Vice President of Prize Development, XPRIZE Foundation

    Mr Christopher Frangione
  • Claus Fuglsang

    Vice President BioEnergy R&D, Novozymes

    Claus Fuglsang
  • Mr Richard Geoffroy

    Chef de Cave of Dom Pérignon

    Mr Richard Geoffroy
  • Ms Máire Geoghegan-Quinn

    European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science

    Ms Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science
  • Prof. Anne Glover

    Chief Scientific Adviser to the President of the European Commission

    Prof. Anne Glover
  • Dr. Deirdre Gribbin


    Dr. Deirdre Gribbin
  • Mr Derek Hanekom

    South African Minister of Science and Technology

    Mr Derek Hanekom
  • Prof. Serge Haroche

    2012 Nobel Prize Laureate for Physics

    Prof. Serge Haroche
  • Dr Tony Harper

    Director of Research and Applied Engineering, Jaguar Land Rover

    Dr Tony Harper
  • Ms Sophie Healy-Thow

    1st prize winner of the European Union Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS) in 2013

    Ms Sophie Healy-Thow
  • Mr Victor Henning

    Co-Founder and CEO of Mendeley & VP Strategy of Elsevier

    Mr	Victor	Henning
  • Ms Émer Hickey

    1st prize winner of the European Union Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS) in 2013

    Ms Émer Hickey
  • Mr Won Pyo Hong

    President and Head of Media Solution Center, Samsung Electronics

    Mr Won Pyo Hong
  • Ms Anne-Marie Imafidon

    Head and founder of Stemettes

    Ms Anne-Marie Imafidon
  • Mrs Barbara James

    Founder and CEO of Henshaw Capital Partners

    Mrs Barbara James
  • Dr. Mae Jemison

    Principal, 100 Year Starship and former astronaut

    Dr. Mae Jemison
  • Mrs Eddie Bernice Johnson

    Congresswoman, U.S. House of Representatives

    Mrs Eddie Bernice Johnson
  • Ms Ciara Judge

    1st prize winner of the European Union Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS) in 2013

    Ms Ciara Judge
  • Mrs Anne Lauvergeon

    Chairman and CEO of ALP

    Mrs Anne Lauvergeon
  • Dr Maryline Lengert

    Senior Advisor, European Space Agency

    Dr Maryline Lengert
  • Prof. Erik Lindahl

    ERC Starting Grant and Proof of Concept Grantee, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

    Prof. Erik Lindahl
  • Dr. Chun Liu

    Postdoc researcher in biological sciences, former EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellow

    Dr. Chun Liu
  • Dr. R.A. Mashelkar

    Chairman, National Innovation Foundation

    Dr. R.A. Mashelkar
  • Prof. Mariana Mazzucato

    R.M. Phillips Professor in the Economics of Innovation, SPRU University of Sussex

    Prof. Mariana Mazzucato
  • Dame Ellen MacArthur

    Founder of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

    Dame Ellen MacArthur
  • Ms Méabh Mc Mahon

    Moderator - TV & radio journalist

    Ms Méabh Mc Mahon
  • Ms Ann Mettler

    Executive director and co-founder of The Lisbon Council

    Ms Ann Mettler
  • Eduardo Navarro

    Chief Commercial Digital Officer at Telefónica S.A

    Eduardo Navarro
  • Dr. Gitte Neubauer

    Head of Cellzome, a GSK company, and 1st Prize Winner of the EU Prize for Women Innovators in 2011

    Dr. Gitte Neubauer
  • Ms Vivienne Parry

    Moderator - Science writer and broadcaster

    Ms Vivienne Parry
  • Mr Dara O’Briain

    Stand-up comedian and television presenter

    Mr Dara O’Briain
  • Lord Chris Patten of Barnes CH

    Chancellor of Oxford University

    Lord Chris Patten of Barnes CH
  • Mrs Christina Peters

    Chief Privacy Officer, IBM

    Mrs Christina Peters
  • Dr Olivier Rabin

    Science Director of World Anti-Doping Agency

    Dr Olivier Rabin
  • Mr Francesco Ricci Bitti

    President of ASOIF and of the International Tennis Federation

    Mr Francesco Ricci Bitti
  • Mr Doug Richard

    CEO & Founder, School For Startups

    Mr Doug Richard
  • Ms Catarina Rolfsdotter-Jansson

    Journalist, moderator, innovator

    Ms Catarina Rolfsdotter-Jansson
  • Mr Bunker Roy

    Founder Director of Barefoot College

    Mr Bunker Roy
  • Dr. Eva Mendes Serrao

    EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellow, University of Cambridge

    Dr. Eva Mendes Serrao
  • Dr Seth Shostak

    Senior Astronomer, SETI Institute

    Dr	Seth Shostak
  • Mr Risto Siilasmaa

    Chairman of the Board of Directors and interim CEO of Nokia Corporation

    Mr Risto Siilasmaa
  • Mrs Jacqueline Smith

    Executive Producer, BBC Television (Science)

    MMrs Jacqueline Smith
  • Mr Sören Stamer

    Co-founder & CEO of Yokudo

    Mr	Sören	Stamer
  • Mark Surman

    Executive Director, Mozilla Foundation

    Mark Surman
  • Dr. Sarah Teichmann

    Research Group Leader at EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute and Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

    Dr. Sarah Teichmann
  • Ms Helen Thomas

    Executive Producer, BBC Television

    Ms Helen Thomas
  • Xavier Trias

    Mayor of Barcelona

    Xavier Trias
  • Mr Erki Urva

    Chairman of the Management Board, Estonian Information Technology Foundation for Education

    Mr Erki Urva
  • Mr Wilfried Vancraen

    Founder and CEO of Materialise

    Mr Wilfried Vancraen
  • Joost van Keulen

    Vice-Mayor City of Groningen: Transport and Traffic, Innovation, Economic and International Affairs

    Joost van Keulen
  • Mr Peter Vesterbacka

    Chief Marketing Officer and Mighty Eagle of Rovio Entertainment

    Mr Peter Vesterbacka
  • Mr Eze Vidra

    Head of Google for Entrepreneurs Europe and Campus London

    Mr Eze Vidra
  • Mr Christopher Viehbacher

    CEO of Sanofi and President of EFPIA

    Mr	Christopher	Viehbacher
  • Mr Thierry Wasser

    Exclusive Perfumer of Guerlain

    Mr Thierry Wasser
  • Dr Henri Winand

    CEO of Intelligent Energy

    Dr Henri Winand
  • Mrs Jennie Yeung

    President & Founder, United Nations Education Science Cultural Health Advancement Foundation

    Mrs Jennie Yeung
  • Mrs Gabi Zedlmayer

    Vice President and Chief Progress Officer, Hewlett-Packard Corporate Affairs

    Mrs Gabi Zedlmayer