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Algae Lamp

Absorbing 150-200 times more CO2 than a tree!

Photo of the Algae lamps in an office

Carbon dioxide emission is a major issue today: for global warming and for the effects it has on our health (headaches, tiredness, difficulty focussing …). French biochemist, Pierre Calleja, has invented a lamp filled with algae which absorbs CO2 from the air. Discover it at the Innovation Convention!

Hopingreen is commercialising this innovative equipment, known as a Phytorium ( PHYTOplankton acquaRIUM). It consists of a tank (column or other shape) filled with microalgae which use the CO2 to grow while producing O2. The Phytorium is specifically designed to be installed in places where high concentrations of CO2 is found, such as underground parking, schools, smoking areas and building sites, providing protection.

The inventor Pierre Calleja has been involved in the EU-funded research and training network ACCLIPHOT on the Environmental Acclimation of Photosynthesis.

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