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Dissolving the boundaries of the human body.

Photo of a demonstration of VERE

Imagine being someone else. You look in a mirror and you see a different face and body, yet when you move you see the reflected body move, and when something touches this body you feel it. The VERE project (‘virtual embodiment’) has realized this possibility as a reality. The VERE showcase at the Innovation Convention will provide demonstrations of both virtual embodiment and a facial animation system.

The virtual embodiment demonstration will give participants the experience of having a different body. On entering the virtual reality they will see themselves in a different body, one that responds to their movements. In this situation they will enter into an interaction with other virtual characters.

Through the facial animation system, visitors will be able to create and animate an avatar that looks like them in real-time using a webcam.

VERE is an EU funded project under the 7th Framework Programme for research and development.

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