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Innovative tools to fight malaria.

Photo of children in an African village

According to the World Health Organization, in 2012, an estimated 207 million malaria cases occurred globally and the disease killed about 627 000 people, mostly children under five years of age. NANOMAL and MCD are two European SME-led research projects which have developed promising new tools to fight the disease. Tools which you can discover at the Innovation Convention.

NANOMAL has developed a pioneering handheld mobile device using cutting-edge nanotechnology to rapidly detect malaria infection and drug resistance in 15 minutes.

In line with frugal innovation, MCD has developed a very simple and clever way of protecting people from malaria by avoiding mosquitos to enter into houses. It is installing, at ceiling level, plastic tubes with a net incorporated with a special type of coating and (bio)pesticide.

NANOMAL and MCD are EU funded projects under the 7th Framework Programme for research and development.

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