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Mawingu - Kiswahili for cloud.

Photo of people using the web in the wilderness

Microsoft's 'Mawingu' Project is a novel application of the use of unused TV radio waves (white spaces) to deliver broadband connectivity in rural areas of Africa. Visitors will be shown the hardware set-up that we have installed in a number of locations in Africa. During the main breaks of the Convention we will also have a direct live video conference link using this technology with one of our African school partners.

The 'Mawingu' project delivers low-cost, high-speed wireless broadband and creates new opportunities for commerce, education, healthcare, and the delivery of government services in rural areas.

White spaces are also being trialled in several areas in Europe. We will show a visual and interactive application that provides an intuitive presentation of the usage of the wireless spectrum in Brussels. This demonstration will show that most of the spectrum is not used for most of the time and will aid understanding of the potential for sharing this asset in a smarter way.

Microsoft has been involved in several EU-funded research projects under the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Development.

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