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3D Printing - bringing great ideas to life.

Photos of Materialise applications

At Materialise, we make great design a physical reality through our Factory for 3D Printing and expert advice, while our software enables 3D Printers of all kinds to work more efficiently. Come and discover the latest development of 3D printing at our showcase at the Innovation Convention 2014.

We power innovations in biomedical research with our software and at our showcase you will see how we work with surgeons for the planning and execution of complicated operations. We will also demonstrate how you can create, share, and sell your own designs online, as well as how we challenge renowned designers to create 3D printed objects that are celebrated around the globe.

At Materialise, we envision a better and healthier world, one where designers can engineer better products; where companies can better serve and support their customers; and where doctors can be better doctors. A world where people can better share the best of themselves.

Materialise has been involved in several EU-funded research projects under the 7th Framework Programme for Research.

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