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See the World through Google Glass.

Photo of a person wearing Google Glass

Google Glass is an elegant and beautifully designed lightweight frame and display that rests neatly above your eyes and makes exploring and sharing the world around you faster and easier. Visitors will be given a demonstration of the practical uses of Glass such as taking and sharing pictures and video, using voice search, translation and navigation.

Glass is useful: Glass puts you in control by letting you look up and engage with world around you while getting the technology you need right when you need it - Gmail, Now, Search, navigation - without getting bogged down, or distracted.

Glass is simple and beautifully designed: Created by designers and software engineers, Glass is simple, unobtrusive and elegant, giving you the technology you want just when you need it.

Glass connects you more deeply to the people you care about: Whether it’s sharing your daughter’s first steps without losing the moment, finding out the new departure time on your delayed flight without checking your phone, or translating a phrase into another language, Glass delivers the things you need without the distraction.

Google has been involved in several EU-funded research projects under the 7th Framework Programme for Research.

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