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Innovation Showcases

The Innovation Convention 2014 will host a selection of “Innovation Showcases” featuring interactive demonstrations of exciting new ideas, products and services from a wide range of fields (3D-printing, ICT, lighting, virtual reality, supersonic transport, nanotechnology etc).

These innovation showcases are either the direct results of EU-funded research projects or have been developed by companies involved in such projects.

Be sure to pay the showcases a visit!


  • Algae Lamp

    Carbon dioxide emission is a major issue today: for global warming and for the effects it has on our health. French biochemist, Pierre Calleja, has invented a lamp powered by algae which absorbs CO2 from the air.

    More about Algae Lamp

  • CEPI

    In 2012, the paper industry launched the year-long Two Team Project, a crowdsourcing initiative, to develop breakthrough technologies to help the paper industry decrease its production of CO2.

    More about CEPI


    The CHESS (Cultural Heritage Experiences through Socio-personal interactions and Storytelling) project develops innovative and powerful tools for museum curators to create new forms of interactive cultural experiences for visitors.

    More about CHESS

  • CoeLux

    Experience the bliss and the joy of sunny skies anywhere and any time. CoeLux is a scientific breakthrough, a marriage of art and technology that for the first time allows you to reproduce the physical effects and optical phenomena of natural light.

    More about CoeLux

  • EFAA

    As the introduction of robots into our daily life becomes a reality, the social compatibility of such robots gains importance. At the Innovation Convention 2014, the humanoid robot iCub invites you to play a social musical game.

    More about EFAA

  • FCH-JU

    The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) is a unique public private partnership between the EC, European industry and research organisations to accelerate the development and deployment of fuel cell and hydrogen technologies in Europe.

    More about FCH-JU

  • Google

    Google Glass is an elegant and beautifully designed lightweight frame and display that rests neatly above your eyes and makes exploring and sharing the world around you faster and easier. Visitors will be given a demonstration of the practical uses of Glass.

    More about Google

  • Materialise

    At Materialise, we make great design a physical reality through our Factory for 3D Printing and expert advice, while our software enables 3D Printers of all kinds to work more efficiently. Come and discover the latest developments of 3D printing at IC2014.

    More about Materialise

  • Microsoft

    The 'Mawingu' Project is a novel application of the use of unused TV radio waves (white spaces) to deliver broadband connectivity in rural areas of Africa. Visitors will be shown the hardware set-up that we have installed in a number of locations in Africa.

    More about Microsoft


    According to the WHO, in 2012, an estimated 207 mil. malaria cases occurred globally killing about 627 000 people, mostly children. NANOMAL & MCD are two European SME-led research projects which have developed promising new tools to fight the disease.

    More about NANOMAL & MCD

  • Rapidcool

    Rapidcool was established with the aim of reducing the energy requirements for cooling drinks at the point of sale; saving retailers’ money and ultimately helping the environment. Visitors will be able to chill drinks in 45 seconds using 80% less energy.

    More about Rapidcool

  • VERE

    Imagine being someone else. You look in a mirror and you see a different face and body, yet when you move you see the reflected body move, and when something touches this body you feel it. The VERE project has realized this possibility as a reality.

    More about VERE


    ZEHST is a supersonic passenger airliner project. It aims to operate an environmentally and passenger-friendly aircraft from conventional airports. Participants of the Convention will have the opportunity to experience a virtual journey.

    More about ZEHST