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Performance Artists

Prepare to have your senses stimulated at the Innovation Convention 2014! This year sees the addition of several performances to the programme, adding music, lights and magic to the atmosphere.


  • Vijay & Sofia

    Photo of the Artists

    As a couple, both in life and behind the decks, Vijay & Sofia came together after a wild summer in Ibiza. Raised with music, Vijay made an impact on the duo Parallel while Sofia is a pure artist who always creates and inspires with love and passion.

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  • Pa-li-Tchi

    Photo of the show

    The Pa-li-Tchi team comes from the Czech Republic. Their LED light show combines dance, the North Indian art of Banethi, acrobatics and the dynamic beauty of light circles created by unique programmable LED props.

    More about Pa-li-Tchi

  • The Physikanten

    Photo of the Artists

    The award-winning Physikanten team is coming to Brussels with an excerpt from their spectacular Interactive Science Show. The Physikanten are a group of scientists, actors and moderators.

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