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Sign up for the Innovation Convention and enjoy the e-card system.

This year, the Innovation Convention is introducing an innovative way for you to collect information and connect with other participants through a simple e-card which will also be your personalised badge.
Watch the video below and discover more about the e-card system:

Watch the video on YouTube


Please fill in the registration form in order to attend the event.
You will receive an automated email acknowledging receipt of your registration. Please note that this automatic message is not a confirmation of participation.
Within 5 days, if your registration is approved, you will receive an e-ticket with a barcode. Make sure to bring your e-ticket to the conference in order to get your personalised e-card badge!

Social networking

Once you have completed the registration form you will be invited to link your e-card badge with your Twitter account. Some applications proposed during the Innovation Convention, as shown in the video, work with Twitter, allowing you to share your experience in real time with your personal network. You will be able for example to send an automated tweet when entering a session.

On site

At the entrance of the venue, at the registration booths, simply scan the barcode on your e-ticket, validate your personal data and retrieve your freshly printed and personalised e-card badge. The e-card badge will then be ready for use.

After the event

Go to to retrieve all the data (documents, pictures and digital business cards) you collected throughout the event. You will need to type the email address you indicated in the registration form and the password which will be on the back of your e-card badge.

What to do if I lose me e-card badge at the event

If you lose your e-card badge at the event, go to the registration desk. We will give you another e-card badge which will include any information you may have collected on the previous one.

What to do if I lose my password

After the event, if you lose the password, write to and enter the e-mail used during the registration process. An e-mail will be sent to you with your password in order to let you retrieve the data you collected.