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Images of Research Collection, University College Dublin

Images of research from Ireland: Hope

“Images of Research from Ireland” is a curated set of images from the UCD Images of Research Collection. It highlights some of the most innovative and imaginative images that convey the depth and range of research taking place at UCD, including those generated through EU -funded research projects.

“Images of Research” competition started in 2006 as an initiative of Research at UCD. It offers researchers the opportunity to submit compelling digital images and awards those with the best visual portrayal of some aspect of their research.

Since it started there have been over 1650 entries to the competition from postdoctoral fellows, postgraduate students, final year undergraduate students, research technicians and the staff of UCD’s affiliated teaching hospitals.

Each year 12 images are shortlisted by a panel of UCD staff and academics and external judges from the arts and science.

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