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Les Rêvarts

Diva organica
Diva organica

“Les Rêvarts” invite you to discover their hand-made furniture, where each piece is unique and full of character. The furniture is created from waste materials using basic tools and without professional knowledge, which you’d think would be necessary. Their art is defined by the search for solutions to compensate for a lack of knowledge or resources, the will to upgrade and recycle waste materials and the urge for originality.

Driven by the desire to provide solutions for a society in transition, this collective of eco-artists became a starting point for change and awareness accessible to all. They have created workshops combining social, ecological, and economical aspects, where everyone will be able to develop talents from what they have at hand. In this way, several participants have refurnished their homes with dignity despite their financial situation, and have even begun to create products to sell.

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