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Mireille Bailly-Coulange

Women Innovators trophy
EU Prize for Women Innovators trophy

Mireille Bailly-Coulange is known as the “Sculptor of light”. She is a self-taught artist. In 1967, she created a new method for engraving acrylic glass – Altuglas. With this method she can create "bright intaglios" as she likes to call them. Because of the high density of the material, metallurgist milling machines are needed to sculpt the inside of the material. No error can be made! Each engraving is thoroughly thought out. Thanks to this innovative technique, the light is born inside the sculpture.

Mireille Bailly-Coulange, as an innovative woman herself, was asked to design the trophies for the first edition of the Women Innovators prize, which were given at the Innovation Convention in 2011. The European Commission launched this prize to reward women innovators who had achieved outstanding innovations and brought them to market.