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Noam Kostucki

My World in sight
My World in sight

Noam Kostucki is an entrepreneur, explorer and artist. Contrary to what most people think, he does not use Photoshop. He says: “In the 1850s, the French photographer Gustave Le Gray took one picture of the sky, and another one with a longer exposure of the sea. He brought the two together into one picture to achieve a perfect photo. I use a modern version of this technique. High Dynamic Range Photography is a digital way to combine photos with multiple exposures. Thanks to this method I can combine up to 9 photos with different exposures to create a single image.

Through my art, I discovered that the way I see the world is not how the world really is. Later, I found out that perception is not reality. Now I know that we all see and experience the world differently.

My photography was a selfish pleasure: I loved collecting photos that made me feel a wide range of emotions. Eventually, I discovered that this selfish pleasure can be shared and that the photos I take also affect others’ emotions.”

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