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Marie-Hélène Le Ny

Infinités Plurielles
Infinités Plurielles

Marie-Hélène Le Ny is a French photographer. She says about her art: “A key component of my work is the association of words and images to question today's world. In the last few years I've been working on representations of women, shaped more and more by advertising, as the new icons of our modern times. Digital photography reconstructs reality's reflections giving them an idealized appearance and thereby creating a coercive model.

For the series, Infinités Plurielles, I met many scientists and asked them to describe their world. Nowadays, fundamental sciences are not so well known by the public - researchers are working in their laboratories and seldom speak of their investigations, doubts or discoveries in the mass media - unless these are applied technologies for the public at large. Generally speaking, experts are men, whereas the point of this project is to highlight women with great minds who passionately explain the mysterious and astonishing world we live in. In all areas, research needs both male and female brains to overcome the great challenges of 21th century. Everybody needs to reflect on this.”

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