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Dr. Agata Zielińska-Głowacka

Waves - Other purpose
Waves - Other purpose

Agata Zielińska-Głowacka graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk (Poland) and is an academic teacher in the Fibre Art Studio at the Academy.

She is specialised in fibre and textile arts, textile miniatures, mould-made paper and experimental textiles. She is a laureate of numerous prizes and awards including the most recent 1st prize at the International Artistic Linen Cloth Biennial in Krosno (Poland) and Excellence Award at the7th International Fibre Art Biennale - From Lausanne to Beijing in Nantong (China). She is a member of the Programme Committee of the 13th International Triennial of Tapestry 2013.

Her works are both traditional and innovative. The idea behind “Other purpose” is the use of audio tapes and video recording technology products, storage and archiving of sound and images as a new medium of art. The artist says: "These tapes come from my own and my friends' collections and they contain family videos, recorded voices, favourite songs and movies. I wanted to give these outgoing technology products a new life through using them as an innovative textile material.”

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