Knowledge and Technology Transfer Avenue (I-XII)

I. European Investment Bank (EIB)/European Investment Fund (EIF)

European Investment Bank (EIB)European Investment Fund (EIF)

The EIB finances investments in research, development and innovation, providing loans at advantageous conditions for private and public sector promoters.

To improve access to debt financing, it also manages the innovative Risk Sharing Finance Facility, set up with the EC. A designated guarantee product (RSI) targeting SMEs will be managed by the EIF.

The EIF supports high-growth innovative SMEs by means of equity (Venture and Growth Capital) and guarantee instruments through a broad range of financial institutions. It uses either its own resources or those made available by mandators, such as the EIB, the EC or third parties.



EBAN is the European trade body for early stage investors representing business angels, business angel networks, seed funds and other early stage investment professionals across Europe in a market estimated to grow from 4 billion Euros today to 10 billion Euros.
Through direct and indirect membership, EBAN reaches out to more than 250 business angel networks in 28 countries and 20.000 angels that receive 40.000 business plans a year.
The EBAN team in the stand can help you to understand the actors in the market and share its experience in how to best involve early stage investors in technology transfer.

III. European Venture Contest/International Venture Club

European Venture ContestEurope UnlimitedInternational Venture Club

How do I access the right source of capital for my innovative high-growth business? How do I realize cross-border investment opportunities? How do I stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation in my region?

These questions lie at the foundation of European Venture Contest and International Venture Club initiatives. Accelerating & networking innovative entrepreneurs, corporate &VC investors and clusters are at their core.

Now, 500+ selected entrepreneurs meet with Europe's most active investors at investment forums of the European Venture Contest. We help promising start-ups raise growth capital through Fast Track Funding programs. And leading investors collaborate through the I-Venture Club

IV. EPO - European Patent Office

EPO - European Patent Office

Patents as protection for your innovation - experts from the EPO will explain how patent protection works in Europe. When should you file a patent? What does it cost? What requirements apply for patents in Europe?

Patent databases - the EPO's patent databases are free of charge, on the internet, and contain 70 million patents from around the world. Use them to:

  • keep up with new technology as it appears
  • watch competitors and identify licensing opportunities
  • find solutions to technical problems
  • see what patents are in force, and where
  • and more

Come to the stand for a demo.

V IPR Helpdesks: EU & China

IPR Helpdesks

The European IPR Helpdesk provides free of charge, first-line support, information and training on IP and IPR matters to beneficiaries of EU funded research projects. We also assist EU SMEs involved in transnational partnership agreements. Our expert helpline answers your questions within three working days, and can be reached by email (, phone (+352 25 2233-333) or fax (+352 25 2233-334).

The China IPR SME Helpdesk supports European Union SMEs to both protect and enforce their IPR in or relating to China, through the provision of free information and services. These take the form of jargon-free, first-line, confidential advice on IP and related issues, plus training events, materials and online resources. For free expert advice on China IPR, EU SMEs can e-mail questions to

VI. European Standards Organisations


Are you aware of the benefits of standards for researchers and innovators?

  • Standards give you faster and easier access to markets
  • Standards help you exploit your research results
  • Standards enhance the economic value of your research project
  • Standards give you the opportunity to network with specialists from your fi eld
  • Standards ensure interoperability and reassurance for consumers

VII. Enterprise Europe Network

Enterprise europa network

Are you looking for international partners? Need help to innovate or to sell an innovative product? Want to apply for EU funding?
Look no further.

The Enterprise Europe Network helps small businesses make the most of the European market place. We can help you:

  • develop your business in new markets
  • source or license new technologies
  • obtain tailor-made innovation support
  • access EU finance and funding.

Working through 600 local business and innovation support organisations (chambers of commerce, technology centres, innovation agencies, etc.), we are never far from where you are.

VIII. The European TTO Circle

The European TTO Circle

The European TTO Circle was launched by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre to strengthen technology transfer offices of Public Research Organisations (commitment 21 of the Innovation Union). The partnering organisations have agreed to join forces on technology transfer related matters. With a collaborative spirit, the European TTO Circle will create synergies with other European technology transfer networks to reinforce Innovation in Europe.

So far, the 21 partners come from 13 countries and employ in total around 115.000 researchers: CEA and INRIA (France); CNR and ENEA (Italy); Fraunhofer, and Helmholtz Association (Germany); ETH Board (Switzerland); IMEC (Belgium); NCBiR (Poland); NERC, (UK); RISE (Sweden); TECNALIA (Spain); TNO (The Netherlands); VTT (Finland); SINTEF (Norway); TUBITAK (Turkey); CERN, ESA, ESRF, ILL (international).

IX. ASTP - Association of European Science and Technology Transfer Professionals

ASTP - Association of European Science and Technology Transfer Professionals

The mission of ASTP is to professionalize and promote technology transfer between the European science base and industry by:

  • Organising conferences (2 x per year) to meet, exchange ideas and network with other tech transfer professionals from around the world
  • Training courses (4 x per year) and master classes (8 x per year) to improve technology transfer skills for all levels of experience
  • Provide a virtual community for year round exchange of best practices by our members

ASTP was founded in 2000. We have 600 members from 42 countries from all levels of experience. We are privately funded and independent and dedicated to adding value to our members wherever we can.

X. ProTon Europe / TII

ProTon EuropeTII

ProTon Europe is a pan-European association of transfer offices linked to universities and public research organisations. Supported by 10 national KT networks, it promotes and enables more effective knowledge transfer to foster innovation and is the KT profession’s representative voice in Europe.
Technology Innovation International is Europe’s largest, longest standing, independent association of innovation support and technology transfer organisations. It off ers services focusing on information and networking, business/project development, good practice exchange and technology transfer facilitation.

XI. EBN - European Business and Innovation Centre Network

EBN - European Business and Innovation Centre Network

EBN is the home of innovative entrepreneurship and incubation. If you knock at our door you will find out:

  • A leading network of 250 BICs & Innovation Based Incubators;
  • EU & international cooperation projects to enhance the commercialization and exploitation of R&D results;
  • a Soft Landing platform to access new markets;
  • thematic communities (tech transfer: ESINET, creative industries: DigiBIC) providing platforms for SMEs and start-ups promote products and services, access latest technologies, matchmaking opportunities-for researchers and their cutting edge results;
  • quality & technical assistance services.



Are you looking for support to develop your innovation with a research result to bring to the market? EUREKA offers support to market-oriented RTDI projects across all technological sectors. We can:

  • offer access to our National Project Coordinators’ network
  • help find funding, partners, and technology transfer
  • support industrial partners to project generation, evaluation and market impact.

Our successful Eurostars SME programme aims at stimulating research performing SMEs to lead international collaborative R&I projects by easing access to support and funding, developing new products and access to international markets.