Ben Verwaayen

CEO, Alcatel-Lucent

Ben Verwaayen

With his more than 30 years experience in the information and communications industry, Ben Verwaayen is convinced that ICT has a critical role to play in tackling today’s global environmental challenges. Chairman of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) Climate Change Board and a Foundation Board member of the World Economic Forum, Ben has advocated the low-carbon economy not just because it will benefit the environment, but also as a major driver of innovation and growth for the global economy in the 21st century.

Under his leadership as CEO of Alcatel-Lucent since September 2008, the company has strengthened its commitment to sustainability by:

  • Developing and deploying revolutionary low carbon communications technology solutions
  • Reducing the company’s own carbon footprint
  • Actively engaging in key discussions worldwide geared to combating climate change

Two recent examples of the revolutionary green technology solutions Ben encouraged Alcatel-Lucent to focus on:

  • lightRadio™, a breakthrough in mobile and broadband infrastructure technology that streamlines and radically simplifies mobile networks while shrinking their carbon footprint by more than 50 percent. This revolutionary approach to mobile networks, publicly announced in February 2011, will also help to address the digital divide and rural inclusion, another major global challenge, by enabling the expansion of broadband wireless connections virtually anywhere there is power – either electricity, wind or solar.
  • GreenTouch™, a global consortium that aims to make networks 1,000 times more energy efficient. GreenTouch™ has been recognized by stakeholders worldwide, including the World Economic Forum, as an industrial best practice for today’s global sustainability challenge.

Ben Verwaayen has also signed onto major commitments for the low carbon economy:

  • World Economic Forum letter to G20 heads of state on the importance of public/private collaboration to tackle climate change
  • Business for Environment Global Summit (B4E) The Green Imperative Manifesto
  • Copenhagen Communiqué on Climate Change.

Before joining Alcatel-Lucent, as CEO of BT, Ben equally championed the importance of climate change and low carbon solutions for the company and its customers.

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