The Exhibition of the Innovation Convention will showcase exciting research and innovation results being developed under European funding programmes.

Following a call for exhibitors open to projects supported by the EU's Framework Programme for Research and the EU's Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme, 48 projects have been selected. In addition, the exhibition will include 4 projects from the Joint Research Centre, the European Commission’s in-house science service, 5 pilots projects on innovative ICT services and 3 ICT Polish projects in the stand under the patronage of the Polish Presidency.

You will also have the opportunity to visit the "Knowledge and Technology Transfer Avenue" with stands presenting organisations involved in patents, IPR, standards, VC opportunities etc.

Further information on the Innovation Union initiatives, career opportunities for researchers and gender issues in research and innovation will also be available.

exhibition plan
A. Innovation Union B. Joint Research Centre (JRC) C. Innovative ICT services D. Excellent scientific careers in Europe E. Polish research projects under the patronage of the Polish Presidency F. Women in Science and Innovation I. European Investment Bank (EIB)/European Investment Fund (EIF) II. EBAN III. European Venture Contest/International Venture Club IV. EPO - European Patent Office V IPR Helpdesks: EU & China VI. European Standards Organisations VII. Enterprise Europe Network VIII. The European TTO Circle IX. ASTP - Association of European Science and Technology Transfer Professionals X. ProTon Europe / TII XI. EBN - European Business and Innovation Centre Network XII. EUREKA  27 ADDRESS :: Interactive energy  47 ALMA Enhancement :: State-of-the-Art Receiver for ALMA, the World’s Largest Radio Telescope  10 BrainAble :: Autonomy and social inclusion through communication without movement  11 CASBLIP :: Sound maps to help visually impaired people find their way  24 Clear-up :: Clean and resource effi cient buildings for real life  1 CompanionAble :: Companion Robots for the Elderly  32 DE-LIGHT :: Lightweight Crashworthy Train Cab  21 Dephotex :: Textiles become photovoltaic  46 E-SWARM :: Swarms of cooperating robots  9 EPOSBED :: Easy positioning of in-bed patients with reduced mobility  48 EuCARD :: Novel accelerators for our future  3 FALLWATCH :: A Miniaturized Fall Detection Device for the Elderly  36 Femtoprint :: A printer for three-dimensional microsystems and photonics devices  19 FLY-BAG :: Blast resistant containers for safer transportation  43 FORBIOPLAST :: Bio-based products from forest resources  37 FTMEMS :: Fiber-top sensors: micro technology on the tip of a fiber  25 GEOCOM :: Geothermal Communities: Let the Earth heat your home!  45 GreenBottle :: Planet Friendly Packaging  5 HIRESOMI :: Cellular-level retinal imaging for advancing ophthalmic research  8 INTERSTRESS :: Interreality in the Management and Treatment of Stress-Related Disorders  4 IS-ACTIVE :: Person-centric solution for managing chronic conditions  6 ISTAR :: Needle free injection device  18 MINOAS :: Robotic technologies in service of vessel inspections  40 MYOCEAN :: Your Ocean on-line  12 Nanobond :: Technology revolution in the fight against hospital infections  22 NANOPOWER :: Towards Zeropower – recycling energy in the nanoworld  38 Next :: The next generation of machine tools  41 OCTOPUS :: A New Generation of High Dexterity Soft-bodied Octopus-inspired Robots  28 OFAV :: From Italy to China,… driverless! The longest ever trip of autonomous vehicles  31 OptiTrans :: The Journey Planner for Smart Green Mobility  2 PERFORM :: Neurological diseases management: a novel remote monitoring solution  13 Pharma-Planta :: Recombinant Pharmaceuticals from Plants  14 PHONASUM :: Antibacterial tiles for healthy living  35 PHOSFOS :: Light feels pressure  30 PICAV :: Personal Intelligent City Accessible Vehicle  33 RADIO-PAST :: Radiography of the past – Uncovering the invisible on archaeological sites  16 Railect :: A novel, fast and convenient solution for railway track integrity  44 SELFDOTT :: Sustainable Tuna Aquaculture – New Horizons  23 SELFLEX :: A Seed for Lithuanian Photovoltaic Tree  34 Sfera :: Advanced laser internal marking for anticounterfeiting applications  39 SFWA  :: Creating the next generation of eco-friendly aero-structures  15 SGL for USaR :: Technology for life  42 ShipArrestor :: Stopping drifting ships from turning into disasters  26 STANDPOINT :: From models in the bath to generators in the ocean  29 Superlight-Car :: Lighter Cars For Less Fuel Consumption  17 SUPRA :: Helping Pilots to Handle the Unexpected – New Simulation Concepts  7 TEMPUS_G :: GEMs – Games for Enhancing Movement  20 V-City :: Virtual Cities in 3D