Innovation Deals

What is an Innovation Deal?

Speed holds the key to an innovative society. Innovation Deals (IDs) will allow innovators to swiftly address legislative obstacles, shortening the time between moment of inspiration and market uptake.

Innovation Deals take the form of voluntary cooperation between the EU, innovators, and national, regional and local authorities.

The European Commission does not fund the preparation or implementation of IDs. No requests for funding of an Innovation Deal will be accepted.

The main aim of an Innovation Deal

The objective of an Innovation Deal is an in-depth understanding and clarification of how an EU rule or regulation applies. If a rule or regulation is confirmed as an obstacle to innovations that could bring wider societal benefits, the Deal will make it visible and feed into possible further action.

The Innovation Deals platform will neither jeopardise nor compromise any environmental, social or competition principles, existing standards, or national legislation. The Deals will be an innovation in how the Commission works, helping to form a more modern and responsive administration in line with the Commission's Better Regulation Agenda.

More about Innovation Deals

The Commission Communication "Closing the loop – An EU action plan for the circular economy" introduces the concept of innovation deals as «a pilot approach to help innovators facing regulatory obstacles (e.g. ambiguous legal provisions), by setting up agreements with stakeholders and public authorities».

The Innovation Deals are inspired by the "Green Deal" Programme of the Government of the Netherlands, where a large number of Green Deals are proving to be successful in supporting the national Green Growth policy by providing regulatory clarity for innovative solutions.