Projects funded under RTD Framework Programmes

Support for Research Infrastructures is open to infrastructures across the fields of science and technology. The overall objective of the RI part of the FP7 Capacities Programme is to optimise the use and development of the best existing RIs in Europe, as well as to help create new facilities which best meet the needs of researchers and support their achievements.

The activities being supported are identified under three main lines of actions:

  • Support for existing research infrastructures

  • Support for new research infrastructures (or major upgrades of existing ones)

  • Support for policy development and programme implementation, including support to emerging needs

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Existing infrastructures
New infrastructures
Integrating activities :
Networks of RIs
FP7 - FP6
Design studies
Construction FP7 :
- Preparatory phase
- Construction phase
Policy development / Programme implementation
ERANETs and other support actions

More information on projects identified for the construction of new infrastructures and funded in their preparatory phase: ESFRI Roadmap 2008

Download Research infrastructures project factsheets: Integrating Activities

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