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Information on the services provided by top level European research infrastructures, in all fields of research, are from today closer to European researchers. The European Commission (EC), in collaboration with the European Science Foundation (ESF), launched today the first ever web portal on European Research Infrastructures.

Europe is home to a wealth of research infrastructure facilities. Despite this abundance, many of these facilities, or the different services provided by them, are sometimes unknown in many parts of Europe. Also, these centres of excellence often fail to reach critical mass due to the absence of adequate networking and cooperation.

To make the most of existing research infrastructures requires constant effort to ensure that researchers can access them effectively, and that these facilities keep up with the latest technological advances and the ever-evolving needs of European researchers. Many of them are extremely complex and expensive, many provide opportunities that can be found only in a few places in Europe, and some are unique in the world.

The European Commission and the European Science Foundation recognised that these facilities form a key element of an integrated European Research Area and that they are also a vital ingredient in the European Union’s drive to become the world-leading knowledge-based economy. That is why they have worked together with the aim of making information about these top level research facilities in Europe more easily accessible.

The portal launched today allows access to data collected as part of a recent survey undertaken by the European Commission (EC) and the European Science Foundation (ESF) in order to identify the current scenario of infrastructures in Europe. That survey provided a sample of infrastructures which, with the information gathered via the portal, will now grow to provide a better picture of the total RI landscape in Europe. Scientists and policy makers will now be able to access information on a great number of major European facilities, by discipline, by country and or by type of infrastructure.

At the same time, this portal will allow infrastructure operators to update the existing data and add additional information about further facilities and functions, thus constantly expanding the data accessible to users.

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