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Member States actions

Europe is already home to a wealth of research infrastructures facilities, but this alone is not enough. The world of science is constantly changing, as technologies continue to evolve and new needs arise. Member States must be in a position to take advantage of the latest technologies, products and services in order to help the EU meet its priorities of economic growth, competitiveness, health, quality of life, a better environment and the creation of jobs.

While some individual countries have already invested heavily in developing research infrastructures, they tend to need partners to be able to provide all of the necessary state-of-the-art facilities. High initial and operational costs, along with local demand (particularly in smaller countries), place restrictions on national developments.

Some Member States have their own RI policies, which include optimising existing facilities and developing new ones. Many EU countries have started to identify their national RI needs for the future: the resulting national roadmaps define not only national priorities, but also stress the importance of participating in international facilities.