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The role of the member states

RIs were originally seen as national endeavours and most RIs today are still funded and run at national level. Member States retain a central role in the development and financing of infrastructures. They need to maintain and develop their capacity to create and exploit new technologies, products and services in the context of global competition: RIs make an important contribution to economic growth, competitiveness, quality of life, a better environment and the creation of jobs in Europe.

Most EU countries have begun the task of identifying their future national RI needs. National roadmaps articulate not only national priorities, but also stress the importance of participation in overseas facilities through bilateral agreements with host countries. A clear strategic view on how to guarantee and maintain access to research facilities is also set out in the national roadmaps. View all available national roadmaps.

The ESFRI national delegates, while representing their Member States views and strategy concerning RIs, play a crucial role on integrating and coordinating their national needs within a broader European picture.

The Framework Programme Research Infrastructures Committee Members are at the core of the decisions concerning the preparation and definition of the EU activities work programmes. The National Contact Points (NCPs) provide assistance in the preparation of applications to EU support and help to disseminate information on EU activities.