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    Maximising the use of research infrastructures in Europe

    The European Commission has been supporting access to effective research infrastructures for researchers all over Europe for more than a decade. This action has been instrumental in enhancing European researchers' access to the infrastructures they require to conduct their research, irrespective of the location of the facility.

    It is now possible to see on an interactive map the location of research infrastructures that open their doors to all researchers in Europe.

    What research infrastructures are located on this map?

    This map shows the location of the research infrastructures funded under the Seventh Framework Programme that provide transnational access to researchers. These infrastructures are part of networks supported through Integrating Activity projects with a view to making the most of existing facilities by optimising their use for the benefit of the scientific communities.

    The European Commission has supported 91 European research infrastructures networks under FP7. The total EU financial contribution to those projects amounts to around 686 M€.

    The map includes data from about 70 projects. Over 800 infrastructures are integrated into those networks providing transnational access to thousands of researchers. The networks may also provide access to facilities located outside Europe.

    The infrastructures funded through Integrating Activity projects that started in 2012-2013 will be included in the map in 2014.

    The EU will continue to support the integration and opening of research infrastructures of pan-European interest under Horizon 2020. Data on these infrastructures will also be added to the map.

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