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Implementation Phase projects funded under FP7

Following the successful completion of the preparatory phase, the purpose of this activity is to support the actual implementation of new European research infrastructures. This phase includes appropriate coordination activities as well as relevant technical work.

The EU supports the implementation phase of the new European research infrastructures through cluster projects in a given scientific field.


  • BIOMEDBRIDGES – Building Data Bridges between Biological and Medical Infrastructures in Europe

    Project reference : 284209

  • DASISH - Data Service Infrastructure for the Social Sciences and Humanities

    Project reference : 283646

  • ENVRI – Common Operations of Environmental Research Infrastructures

    Project reference : 283465

  • CRISP – Cluster of Research Infrastructures for Synergies in Physics

    Project reference : 283745


  • PRACE - Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe
    PRACE is in its third implementation phase: PRACE-3IP

    Project reference : 312763