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Forthcoming events

Open Data Infrastructures for Innovation - Big Data in the Life Sciences
organized by ELIXIR, a distributed infrastructure for life-science information
4 February 2016, Brussels


Launch of ESFRI Roadmap update 2016
8-11 March 2016, Amsterdam


ICRI 2016
Cape Town – South Africa, 3-5 October 2016

Conference Anouncement  PDF icon 66 KB


Past events

  • H2020 RI Infoday – 28 October 2015, Brussels

    To support the preparation of proposals for the European Research Infrastructure Work Programme 2016-2017, RICH, the network of National Contact Points for Research Infrastructures, in cooperation with the European Commission, organised an Information Day on Wednesday 28 October 2015, in Brussels.

  • ELIXIR's Innovation and SME event

    Data-driven growth in the agri-food industries
    Wageningen, Netherlands, 18-19 March 2015

    The forum is aimed at the agri-food companies that use public bioinformatics resources in their business. The event is jointly organised by the ELIXIR-NL and the ELIXIR Hub and is particularly relevant for large and small companies active in the plant sciences and food domains.

  • The evolving landscape of Research Infrastructures in Europe
    Trieste, 24-25 September 2014

    The Conference was organised under the Italian EU Presidency. It followed on discussions held at European and national levels, and in particular on the challenges posed in building an effective European system of Infrastructures, selecting the best and most required ones, operating them in the best excellence-based evaluation system and ensuring their longer term sustainability.

    The Conference was followed in the afternoon of September 25th by the ESFRI Launch Event of the Roadmap update 2016.

  • Logo

    Second International Conference on Research Infrastructures
    2-4 April 2014, Athens

    Conference Presentations

    Video: Robert-Jan Smits, Director-General DG Research and Innovation, on ICRI 2014

  • ELIXIR Founding Ceremony and Launch Event
    18 December 2013, Brussels
    ELIXIR's formal launch takes place in Bibliotheque Solvay, Brussels on 18 December 2013. The event will mark the ratification of the ELIXIR Consortium Agreement and the launch of ELIXIR as Europe's sustainable research infrastructure for biological data.
    The Founding Ceremony and Launch event is by invitation only and prior registration is required.
  • EuCARD'13 event combined with a workshop on Visions for the future of Particle Accelerators
    10-14 June 2013
  • Wire 2013
    5-7 June 2013, Cork, Ireland
    The next WIRE conference (Week of Innovative Regions in Europe) will include a session on research infrastructures.
  • Towards a Roadmap for Biodiversity and Ecosystem research in Europe
    Workshop, Brussels, 19-20 March 2013
  • Promoting Africa-EU Research Infrastructure Partnerships
    Brussels, 7-8 March 2013
    An associated event to the ‘EU Science: Global Challenges, Global Collaboration (ES: GC2)’ Conference organised at the European Parliament under the Irish Council Presidency
  • Towards an integrated atmospheric observing system in Europe,
    Brussels, 3-4 December 2012
    The overall objective of this workshop is to develop synergies between atmospheric ESFRI research infrastructures, existing research infrastructures implemented as Integrating Activities, Integrated Projects and relevant Joint Programming Initiatives (JPI) in the field of Atmospheric Sciences.
  • Australia-EU Research Infrastructure Second Workshop
    Brussels, 26-27 June 2012
    The objective of this workshop was to propose concrete ways forward to realise increased cooperation in the areas of Health, Environment/Climate Change, (non-nuclear) Energy, and on common data challenges/e-infrastructure.
  • EU-New Zealand data and e-research infrastructure workshop
    Brussels, 7 June 2012
    Programme and presentations are available here
  • ICRI 2012 - Global research infrastructures and the Grand Challenges
    Copenhagen, 21-23 March 2012
    The International Conference on Research Infrastructures, ICRI 2012, took place under the auspices of the Danish Presidency of the European Union, in cooperation with the European Commission. This was the Seventh Conference on Research Infrastructures.

    During the two-day event, issues such as decision making processes, funding, management, use-dissemination-exploitation (including data, access) of research infrastructures were discussed in depth. More than 600 experts, scientists and stakeholders attended the event and spoke about how global research infrastructures can tackle the so-called Grand Challenges, more specifically in the fields of health, environment and energy.

    The Conference made specific recommendations on how international cooperation on research infrastructures can be more effective in the future.
    ICRI Conclusions  PDF icon 102 KB

  • Research infrastructures for cultural heritage and global change

    Brussels, 14 March 2012

    This workshop was organized by the European Commission in collaboration with the CHARISMA project, and hosted by KIK-IRPA, Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage, in Brussels.

  • Research Infrastructures for Industrial Innovation

    Workshop, Brussels, 20th October 2011

  • Developing synergies between RIs and Joint Programming Initiatives in the field of Environment

    Workshop, Brussels, 17th October 2011

  • Developing synergies between RIs and Joint Programming Initiatives in the field of Life Sciences
    Workshop, Brussels, 23 June 2011
  • Consultation of stakeholders on the possible content of Horizon 2020 - the next Framework Programme for Research and Innovation
    Thematic workshop on Research Infrastructures
    Brussels, 4 July 2011
    Report on the workshop  PDF icon 91 KB
  • WIRE 2 - Week of Innovative Regions 2
    Debrecen, 7-9 June 2011

    All presentations available here.

  • AAAS Annual Meeting 2011
    Washington, 21 February 2011
    Symposium: Research Infrastructures: the emergence of key players for environmental research

    Climate change, biodiversity, carbon emissions, or natural hazards: by nature, environmental research must address challenges ignoring geographical borders, at the frontier of classical scientific disciplines and at the forefront of the international political agenda. Besides the global nature of these challenges, the scale and complexity of the resources needed and the development of information and communication technology have made necessary and enabled increased international collaboration in research and knowledge sharing. Developing world-class research infrastructures for environmental research is therefore one of the priorities of European authorities.
    The symposium enabled a debate on future transatlantic cooperation in environmental research and more specifically in the field of geosciences observation systems.


    Hervé Péro  PDF icon 2.0 MB , European Commission, moderator

    Jean-Daniel Paris  PDF icon 2.6 MB , Laboratory of Climate Sciences and Environment, Integrated Carbon Observation System to Quantify Greenhouse Gas Fluxes across Europe

    Massimo Cocco  PDF icon 3.5 MB , National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, European Plate Observing System: a long-term Integration Plan for Solid Earth Sciences

    Timothy L. Killeen  PDF icon 13.6 MB , National Science Foundation
    The U.S. Research Infrastructures Program for Environmental Research

  • ECRI 2010: the Sixth European Conference on Research Infrastructures,

    Barcelona, 23-24th March 2010

    ecri logo
    The Sixth European Conference on Research Infrastructures, jointly organised by the Spanish Presidency and the European Commission, is a new step towards the structuring of the ERA. More than 600 experts from all over Europe met at the ECRI 2010 Conference in Barcelona. The Conference took place in Barcelona in connection with the inauguration of the Alba Synchrotron.
    Press release and press coverage
    Key messages and conclusions
  • RIs symposium on the AAAS Conference: "The global dimension of research infrastructures"
    14-18 February 2008
    Boston, Massachusetts

  • Conference on the Future of Science and Technology in Europe
    8-10 October 2007
    Lisbon, Portugal

  • 4th European Conference on Research Infrastructures
    4-5 June 2007
    Hamburg, Germany

  • 3rd European Conference on Research Infrastructures
    6 & 7 December 2005
    Nottingham, UK

Other events
  • InGOS International Conference
  • 21 – 24 September 2015, Utrecht, The Netherlands
    1st InGOS International Conference about Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases and how observations can help to mitigate climate change

  • Research Infrastructures towards 2020, Lisbon, Portugal, July 5, 2013
  • Organised by EuroRIs-Net+: the European NCP for the FP7-Research Infrastructures programme and hosted by the Foundation for Science and Technology, Portugal