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Thematic Working Groups


The ESFRI Roadmap for Research Infrastructures, published in 2006 and updated in 2008, is a vital policy document and paves the way for the planning, implementation and upgrading of Research Infrastructures for the coming decades. ESFRI is committed to updating this document as the need arises.

The work of ESFRI Thematic Working Groups (TWGs) underpins this strategic process.

The following scientific domains have been identified by ESFRI and have their own Thematic Working Groups:

  • Biological and Medical Sciences (BMS)
  • Energy (ENE)
  • Environmental Sciences (ENV)
  • Physical Sciences and Engineering (PSE); and
  • Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)

Mandate of Thematic Working Groups

The following is a non-exhaustive list of activities that shall be undertaken by the TWGs:

  • Monitoring of the scientific development and of the need for research infrastructures in the thematic areas and suggesting to ESFRI possible cooperation with international research organisations to develop "forward looks" and assessments of needs for research infrastructures;
  • Monitoring of the projects on the ESFRI Roadmap, including:
    • following the implementation of the projects and giving feedback to ESFRI;
    • advising ESFRI on whether projects should remain on future editions of the Roadmap;
  • Advising ESFRI on potential improvements of the availability and management of existing Research Infrastructures

The activities listed above shall be common to all TWGs.

Thematic Working Groups for the Update of the Roadmap 2010

In view of the fact that different scientific domains are at different levels of maturity, it is inevitable that during certain periods, defined by ESFRI, some TWGs may have the specific, time-limited mandate to evaluate the scientific needs, maturity and pan-European character of projects submitted to ESFRI by national ESFRI delegations and/or intergovernmental organizations in calls for updates of the ESFRI Roadmaps, whilst the mandate of others may be limited to other activities, such as those listed above.

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