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ESFRI Roadmap Update 2008

2008 Update of the ESFRI Roadmap (PDF icon 3.1 MB)

ESFRI finalised the update of the Roadmap in September 2008. In the report, each group of research infrastructures is preceded by a short introduction outlining the context of the projects in the Roadmap, including some emerging fields. A specific effort has been made to identify new research infrastructures of pan-European relevance for Energy (in particular extended to non-nuclear), Biological and Medical Sciences and Environmental sciences. Considering that e-Infrastructures are critical to all projects in this Roadmap, ESFRI took care to deal with this issue in much greater detail than before. The 10 new projects identified in the Roadmap Update 2008 are likely to be supported in a Preparatory Phase under FP7 in late 2010.

Background to the ESFRI Roadmap Update 2008

To assist in the preparation of the ESFRI Roadmap Update 2008, ESFRI set up Roadmap Working Groups, chaired by ESFRI delegates, to give a vital input to this process.

These groups were formed to cover the following scientific areas:

  • Biological and Medical Sciences, chaired by Eckhart Curtius (Germany)
  • Environmental Sciences, chaired by Eeva Ikonen (Finland)
  • Physical Sciences and Engineering, chaired by Jørgen Kjems (Denmark)
  • Social Sciences and Humanities, chaired by Bjørn Henrichsen (Norway)
An additional "transverse working group" was set up to address the e-infrastructure aspects of projects from across all the scientific domains.
  • e-Infrastructures, chaired by Dany Vandromme (France)

Reports of the ESFRI Roadmap Working Groups

The role of the Roadmap Working Groups is to fulfil an ongoing strategic process to assist ESFRI and its stakeholders to implement and update the Roadmap. The groups have produced detailed reports which can be consulted below.


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