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The European Commission and the Strategy Forum ESFRI encourage the continued elaboration and updating of national roadmaps for research infrastructures in the Member States and Associated Countries. These are vital blueprints which allow countries to set national priorities and to earmark funds for their development and participation in pan-European research infrastructure activities.

The European Commission is also committed to encourage Member States to link their RI roadmaps to the European ESFRI roadmap and to smart specialisation strategies in Structural Funds co-financed research and innovation programmes.

    - Roadmap under preparation
    - Roadmap available
    - No roadmap
Status Country National Roadmap Language
Austria Roadmap under preparation
Belgium Roadmap under preparation
Bulgaria Roadmap published in 2010 BU
Czech Republic Roadmap updated in May 2011 EN
Croatia No roadmap available
Cyprus No roadmap available
Denmark Roadmap published in 2011 EN
Estonia Roadmap published in 2010 EE-EN
Finland Roadmap published in 2009, update to be published in spring 2014 EN
France Roadmap published in 2008, updated in 2012 FR | EN
Germany Roadmap published in 2013 DE | EN
Greece Roadmap published in 2007 EN
Hungary Roadmap under preparation
Iceland No roadmap available
Ireland Roadmap published in 2007 EN
Italy Roadmap published in 2011 IT
Latvia No roadmap available
Lituania Roadmap published in 2011 EN
Luxembourg No roadmap available
Malta No roadmap available
The Netherlands First Roadmap published in 2008. Updated in 2013 EN
Norway Roadmap published in 2012 EN
Poland Roadmap under preparation
Portugal Roadmap under preparation
Romania Roadmap published in 2008.
Updated version under preparation
Slovak Republic No roadmap available
Slovenia Roadmap published in 2010-2011 EN
Spain Roadmap published in 2010 ES | EN
Sweden Roadmap published in 2011 (3rd edition) EN
United-Kingdom Roadmap published in 2010
Updated in 2012. See 'Investing for growth: Capital Infrastructure for the 21st Century':
Update version
Turkey Roadmap under preparation