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Meetings and Events

ESFRI typically meets four times per year. The meetings are held either in Brussels (hosted by the European Commission) or hosted by the country holding the rotating Presidency of the EU. The Forum meetings are for delegates and permanent observers only, with the participation of observers and guests on a case-by-case basis.

31st Meeting, Stockholm, 11 December 2009

The final meeting of 2009 was hosted by the Swedish Delegates to ESFRI under the auspcies of Sweden's Presidency. The meeting took place at the Prime Minister's office and the delegates were pleased to receive an address from the Swedish Secretary of State, Peter Honeth. During this meeting, the Forum decided to extend the mandate of Carlo Rizzuto as Chair by six months, whilst agreeing that Beatrix Vierkorn-Rudolph would take over from the September 2010 meeting.

30th Meeting, Brussels, 2 October 2009

The 30th meeting took place in Brussels at the Premises of the Committee of the Regions.

29th Meeting, Brussels, 12 June 2009

During the 29th meeting, the Forum welcomed presentations from representatives of the European Investment Bank, the European Science Forum and DESY.

28th Meeting, Prague 25-26 March 2009

The 28th meeting of the Forum took place in Prague, under the auspices of the Czech Presidency to the EU. The meeting was held following a conference on Research Infrastructures and their Structuring Dimension within the European Research Area.

27th Meeting, CEA, Paris, 11 December 2008

The final meeting of 2008 was held under the French presidency of the EU, during which ESFRI was honoured to be hosted by CEA in Paris. During this meeting, our hosts kindly gave delegates a tour of NEUROSPIN (Intense Field Neuro Imaging Centre). During this meeting, an in-depth informal discussion focused on the issues to be addressed by the Forum during 2009.

26th Meeting, Brussels, 26 September 2008

The 26th meeting of ESFRI took place in Brussels and was devoted almost entirely to the Update of the ESFRI Roadmap 2008. The Chairs of the Roadmap Working Groups presented their final recommendations to the Forum and, following consensus, the draft ESFRI Roadmap Update 2008 was approved.

25th Meeting, Brussels, 13 June 2008

The 25th meeting of ESFRI took place in Brussels. During this meeting, the Chairs of the Roadmap Working Groups gave a detailed update to the Delegates on progress towards the ESFRI Roadmap Update 2008. In addition, the continued excellent cooperation ESFRI enjoys with organisations such as the ESF, EIROForum and the EIB was reinforced through presentations their representatives made at this meeting.

24th Meeting, Brdo, 7 March 2008

The Slovenian Delegation to ESFRI extended an invitation to the Forum to hold its 24th meeting in Brdo, Slovenia. This meeting took place on 6 and 7 March, following the Presidency Conference on Research Infrastructures. The Delegates were delighted to welcome Commissioner Potočnik to this meeting, as well as Prof. Norbert Kroo, Chair of the ERA Expert Group and Prof. Helga Novotny, Vice-President of the European Research Council. The Forum extends its warm thanks to Jure Marn and Miran Ceh and their colleagues in Slovenia for the excellent hospitality shown.

23rd Meeting, Brussels, 7 December 2007

The Forum met in Brussels

22nd Meeting, Lisbon, 21 September, 2007

Finally, under the Portuguese presidency of the EU, ESFRI were honoured to be invited to hold their 22nd meeting at the National Laboratory for Civil Engineering (LNEC). On the eve of the meeting, Delegates were given a guided tour of the Seismology Department. Thanks should be extended to the President of LNEC and his personnel, to representatives from the Ministry and not least to the Portuguese Delegates to the Forum.

21st Meeting, Hamburg, 7 June 2007

In June 2007, to coincide with ECRI 2007, the German Delegation to ESFRI hosted the 21st meeting of the Forum. This meeting took place at DESY and included a visit to their facilities. The cooperation of local staff to ensure an excellent meeting was much appreciated.

20th Meeting, Brussels, 9 March 2007

The 20th meeting of ESFRI took place in Brussels. During this meeting, four of the Roadmap Projects were presented to ESFRI by representatives of the consortia. These projects - KM3NeT, LIFEWATCH, CLARIN and the EBI Upgrade – represent the thematic areas covered by the ESFRI Roadmap.

19th Meeting, Geneva, 1 December 2006

In December 2006, Dr. Robert Aymar, Director-General of CERN, kindly extended an invitation to ESFRI to hold their 19th meeting at CERN. At the same time, delegates were privileged to be given a fascinating guided tour of the ATLAS experiment. ESFRI would like to extend their sincere thanks to Dr. Aymar, his staff and the Swiss Delegation to ESFRI for their hospitality.

18th Meeting, Brussels, 28-29 September 2006

The Forum met in Brussels. During this meeting the ESFRI Roadmap 2006 was approved by the delegates.

17th Meeting, Vienna, 16 June 2006

The 17th meeting of the Forum took place at the Austrian Academy of Sciences on 16 June 2006 under the auspices of the Austrian Presidency of the EU. Sincere thanks are extended to Anneliese Stoklaska and Daniel Weselka (the Austrian Delegates in ESFRI) as well as representatives of the Presidency for their kind hospitality.

16th Meeting, Brussels, 24 March 2006

The 16th meeting of ESFRI took place in Brussels

15th Meeting, Nottingham, 8 December 2005

The 15th meeting of ESFRI took place in Nottingham on 8 December 2005, under the auspices of the UK Presidency to the EU and to coincide with the European Conference on Research Infrastructures. Thanks are extended to John Wood and to the University of Nottingham.

14th Meeting, London, 22-23 September 2005

The 14th meeting of ESFRI took place in London on 23-23 September 2005. On this occasion, ESFRI was pleased to welcome the then UK Minister for Science and Research, Lord Sainsbury a dinner organised for ESFRI delegates and guests.


Previous meetings

All these meetings were held in Brussels.

  • 13th: 17 June 2005
  • 12th: 25 February 2005
  • 11th: 17 December 2004
  • 10th: 3 September 2004
  • 9th: 11 June 2004
  • 8th: 27 February 2004
  • 7th: 20 November 2003
  • 6th: 4 July 2003
  • 5th: 28 April 2003
  • 4th: 16 January 2003
  • 3rd: 14 October 2002
  • 2nd: 3 July 2002
  • Inaugural Meeting of ESFRI, 25 April 2002