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National procedures for ERICs


  • Germany ready to host ERICs
    Effective 30th June 2013, the national law of the Federal Republic of Germany has been amended, allowing the creation and hosting of ERICs in Germany.
  • The Netherlands is the first country which is fully ready for hosting an ERIC
    Already in June 2010, the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science informed the Dutch Parliament of the agreed process and the role of the different Ministries involved.
  • See original letter in Dutch
  • translation in English
  • Contact points on national ERIC procedures

    Procedures to obtain a formal commitment of a State to become member of an ERIC or to host it, vary from country to country. The stakeholders of future ERICs are therefore advised to work, well in advance, with their national authorities when preparing an ERIC.

    List of the national contact points  PDF icon 104 KB