Research Infrastructures

Access to Research Infrastructures

Facilitating access to RIs and maximising their use are high priorities for the Commission. Under Horizon 2020, transnational access to RIs receives significant EU funding.

This builds on the success of former framework programmes. Under the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7), 91 European RI projects provided transnational access to more than 800 installations with the EU contributing around €700 m.

Some European Research Infrastructures provide free transnational or virtual access (TNA). Identify the Infrastructure in your field of interest from the list of Infrastructures offering TNA and check opportunities on the website. Useful information is also given on the RICH 2020 web site.

The Commission has developed a Charter for Access to research infrastructures in close cooperation with the ESFRI, the e-infrastructure Reflection Group (e-IRG), and the European Research Area stakeholder organisations.

This charter sets out non-regulatory principles and guidelines as a reference when defining access policies for RIs.

The charter also promotes interaction with a wide range of social and economic sectors, including business, industry and public services.