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Last Update: 2014-07-09   Source: Research Headlines
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Gold Medal at the Paris international Concours Lépine to Vigi'Fall

Mr. Gérard Dorey has awarded to the Vigi'Fall on behalf of the jury of the Paris international Concours Lépine the Gold Medal which rewards the most promising inventions of the 2014 edition. The Concours Lépine rewards a highly innovative invention. Founded in 1901 by the Chief of Police Louis Lépine, the Concours Lépine is an outstanding economic tool. The ball-point pen, the potato-masher and the steam-iron have been rewarded there!

Photo of Mr. Gérard Dorey

Since its inception, it influences our daily-living and it largely contributes to industrialization, development and promotion of our economy. Over the years, the Concours Lépine has managed to evolve its position as an inevitable leader in the area of innovation by anticipating the great evolutions through the presentation of inventions in the field of Alternative Energies, Medical Technologies and Biotechnologies. The Concours Lépine is a springboard, an enabler for growth, an accelerator and a label to inventions.

Vigi’Fall®: a breakthrough concept
The Vigi’Fall® automatic fall detection solution relies on a sensor directly embedded on the chest of the person with an adhesive patch. Being worn permanently, even under the shower or during the night, the biosensor provides reliable information on the posture of the person. The main advantage is to recognize not only the fall at any time but as well the prolonged immobilization when the person cannot get up unaided. The high degree of reliability, above 98%, stems from numerous trials and validation tests performed both in the hospital environment and at home in more than 200 elderly subjects already equipped with the Vigi’Fall®.

A personalized commercial offer
Dedicated to elderly persons living alone at home or in geriatric settings (nursing homes, long-term care facilities...), the Vigi’Fall® solution is commercialized since 2013. Designed for individuals, the Vigi’Fall® Family offer is available from 390 € + 49 €/month. The subscription enables a permanent link 24/7 to the Europ Assistance emergency call-center.

A promising solution
Already available from the Mutualité Française and several renowned geriatric facilities (HPGM Les Magnolias - Ballainvilliers, Saint Joseph – Livarot, Les Tourelles – Vallauris…), the Vigi’Fall® solution is continuing to develop in France and abroad. Agreements have been signed for a distribution in Denmark and Scandinavia with the CarePartner Company, in Switzerland with DetecMed and in the Ile de la Réunion with Korbey d'Or. Discussions are going on with key actors of the geriatric industry (DomusVi, Korian…) and a launching is planned on the US market in 2015.

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Project details

  • Project acronym: FALLWATCH
  • Participants: France (Coordinator), Italy, Spain, UK
  • Project FP7 231485
  • Total costs: € 1 459 126
  • EU contribution: € 1 128 931
  • Duration: February 2009 - July 2011

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