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How to use the Search

The Search looks at all text in the title and summary (first paragraph - usually in bold). It does not look in the full text of each article.

It uses stemming, searching for words that derive from a common stem. For example, a search for instructional returns files that contain instruct, instructs, instructions, and so on.

Stemming works on complete words, not word fragments. A search for instrument returns documents containing instrument, instruments, instrumental, and instrumentation, whereas a search for instru does not. (A wildcard search for instru* returns documents with these words, and also those with instruct, instructional, and so on.)

The usual wildcard characters can be used: * to represent any number of characters (either within a word or at the end) and ? to represent exactly one character (or ?? to represent exactly two characters, etc.). Note that using wildcards prevents stemming. For example, a search for b?ck may return fewer results than one for back as stemming will not take place: the search will find both back and beck but not backed, backing, backer etc.