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This page was published on 07/09/2007
Published: 07/09/2007

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Published: 7 September 2007  
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Priming their skills for project management

TRAYSS PRIME is an EU-funded scheme to help train young European life science researchers in management skills for work related topics such as projects and innovations, intellectual property, science and research, total quality, and science, ethics and public relations. The latest state-of-the-art tools and techniques will be used in a series of workshops that aim to increase international cooperation between scientists and boost European scientific research activities and competitiveness.

The EC is helping young scientists to become good project managers © Matt+
The EC is helping young scientists to become good project managers
The workshops will be run under the umbrella titles of Research and Project Management, EU Grant Acquisition Under FP7, and Management of Intellectual Property. The goal is to help young scientists from the Baltic Sea area become good project managers and make the most of their research results by helping them to organise their time properly and learn how to effectively manage both their research and administrative work. The workshops are being attached as “satellites” to topic-related conferences in the Baltic Sea region, such as those in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Other important components of the workshops are an EU Proposal Management course, in which researchers can learn about the opportunities offered by the EC for funding and resources for new scientific research projects; developing skills for the challenges of research management; and finding the most productive ways of commercialising and publicising their research results.

The workshops will also give young scientists the opportunity to meet and make contacts with other researchers and institutions for possible future research collaborations. More than 250 scientists will participate in at least one component of the scheme and therefore knowledge will be disseminated throughout the European scientific community.

The first workshop was held this summer at Gdansk University in Poland and focused on successful project management. “Project Management – A Secure Way to Success” was attended by 40 young international scientists, both undergraduates and post-graduates from the fields of medicine and biotechnology.

TRAYSS PRIME project manager, Henner Willnow, said of the scheme: ‘The concept of giving management tools to young scientists in the region works out. The interest and positive words from the audience indicate the high demand for management trainings among young researchers. They are aware of the importance of project management tools to give daily work in the laboratories more flexibility and resources.’

The next TRAYSS PRIME workshop, “How to Write a Successful FP7 Proposal”, will be held in Hamburg on the 15 and 16 September, and the scheme also plans to organise a spring school in 2008.

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