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This page was published on 06/09/2007
Published: 06/09/2007

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Published: 6 September 2007  
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First milestone for EU-funded MUSCLE

MUSCLE (Multimedia Understanding through Semantics, Computation and Learning), an EU sponsored Network of Excellence (NoE) aimed at establishing and maintaining close collaboration between multimedia research groups, will showcase its first set of activities and results at the IBC2007 conference in Amsterdam on 6-11 September.

Instant access to information is a major goal of the MUSCLE network © Martina Manhartsberger
Instant access to information is a major goal of the MUSCLE network.
Image: Martina Manhartsberger
MUSCLE was set up to foster strong links between research groups working in the fields of multimedia datamining and machine learning. More than 40 research groups are working under the MUSCLE umbrella with the aim of making progress in image and video processing, speech and text analysis, statistics and machine learning. One of its objectives is to achieve the full potential from machine learning and cross-modal interaction for the (semi) automatic generation of meta-data with a high semantic content to be used in multimedia documents. Other important objectives are the application of machine learning to expressive self-learning and creating human centred interfaces that can help users with complex multimedia tasks. Through achieving the above goals, MUSCLE hopes to facilitate widespread access to information and knowledge for Europeans.

One of the network’s external aims is to contribute to the use of these new technologies in industry, education, business and the service sector by widespread dissemination of information and training systems. As part of its publicity drive, MUSCLE previously presented many of its multimedia ideas at CEbit, an IT event in Hanover, Germany, in March 2007.

The network also intends to make use of a number of EC-backed initiatives currently being developed that are aimed at creating more commitment and involvement from commercial concerns involved with MUSCLE. For example, the EC’s Networked and Electronic Media Platform (NEM) brings together major stakeholders in IT and electronics to develop such technologies as metadata, multimedia search engines, human language technologies, multimedia analysis and computer object recognition, ambient intelligence, indexation and semantic searching for content.

The MUSCLE platform will be hosted by the New Technology Campus, part of IBC2007 and NEM (Networked and Electronic Media), one of the European Industrial Initiatives. Part of the exhibition will include working demonstrations of new technologies developed by MUSCLE members. IBC2007 will be one of the top events of the year for the world of multimedia content creation and is the perfect opportunity for MUSCLE to highlight its activities.

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