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This page was published on 19/03/2007
Published: 19/03/2007


Published: 19 March 2007  
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Asturias' Prodintec ready to launch MANUF@CTURIAS platform

The Prodintec Foundation in Asturias (North of Spain), an active member of the European platform MANUFUTURE, has announced a campaign initiative to kick-start a regional platform called MANUF@CTURIAS. According to Prodintec's Dr David González, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will be involved in the campaign which seeks to extend and implement the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) at both the local and national levels. Prodintec says that by applying technological advances to the manufacturing processes and products, it will bolster the level of competitiveness of industrial companies.

Manufacturing processes and products will boost competitiveness.

Prodintec, a technology centre for industrial design and production that has the support of the regional government, states that while heightening the activity of SMEs in Asturias has been an arduous task, the foundation succeeded in encouraging around 85 SMEs and large-sized companies to invest in research and innovation. Their investments would revamp the technologies in their facilities, Dr González said.

“The response was very positive and there are still more companies taking part in the initiative due to the great activity and ambitious goals of the regional platform,” the Prodintec expert said.

MANUF@CTURIAS has already succeeded in disseminating MANUFACTURE SRA by translating into local language and terminology the key concepts and guidelines for a knowledge-based transformation in industry; paving the way for companies to take part in the FP7 programme; creating a lobby for discussion and definition of R&D priorities for Asturias-based industries; and exchanging experiences among companies and benchmarking practices.

Aims and objectives for MANUF@CTURIAS for the period 2007-2013 include ensuring that 95% of the companies are competitive in 2013; encouraging seven potential members to invest in 5 R&D projects; and starting 14 international R&D projects.

With regard to MANUFUTURE, it aims to coordinate EU as well as regional, national and local R&D programmes that would eventually result in achieving a critical mass. The platform wants to “avoid overlaps and develop a long-term strategy where RTD (research and technological development) activities will be a core element, but also where education and training will be priorities,” Dr González explained.

Ultimately, MANUFUTURE seeks to develop a research and innovation strategy thereby effectively transforming Europe into a leader in the manufacturing industry and a knowledge-based economy. The transformation will bear fruit thanks to a “policy level aimed at continuous development of the platform's vision and promotion of the Lisbon objectives, and an operational level using a technological approach exploiting all possible synergies resulting from the converging nature of science and technologies,” MANUFUTURE experts say.

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