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  Bringing works of art to light

Photo of article The history of Europe is not only recorded in history books but also in its great works of art. People from all over the world travel to various cities across Europe to gaze in wonderment at these works of art, created by the likes of Hogarth, Brandl or El Greco. While experts try their utmost to protect them, time has not been so kind, resulting in the need for restoration. During this process, lasers are often used to passively peer behind the dust and dirt that has accumulated over the ages. Digital scans have also been used and scientists have even managed to see the eyebrows of Mona Lisa, painted by Leonardo da Vinci. Now a team of Italian researchers has developed a novel imaging tool that can capture features not otherwise detectable with the naked eye or current imaging techniques, refining the restoration process even further.

Published: 16 July 2012

Results: 11-20 of 92 << Previous  |  Page(s) 2 of 10  |   Next >> 

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