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Conferences in 2002:
Barcelona & Brussels (Heysel)

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20 October
Press release:
HIV/AIDS: European Research provides clear proof that HIV virus cannot pass through condoms

Commissioner Busquin's visit to Africa (29 August - 1 September)

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Mbeya Medical Research Centre, Tanzania

Manhiça Health Research Centre, Mozambique

Visit to Aventis, Pretoria, South Africa

Speech at WHO's meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa

Background information


Visit to Mbeya Medical Research Centre, Tanzania (29-30 August)
 Commissioner Busquin at the Mbeya Medical Research Centre  mmrp_1792.jpg (220844 bytes) mmrp_1793.jpg (192730 bytes)mmrp_1801.jpg (228081 bytes)
 Photographs of the research centre 

Mbeya Medical Research Centre 1 (97590 bytes)Mbeya Medical Research Centre 2 (73212 bytes)Mbeya Medical Research Centre 4 (79111 bytes)

 Brochure ( 463 kB)
 Photos taken at the mobile clinic at the village of Igurisi near Mbeya, Tanzania (30 August) igurisi_008.jpg (248223 bytes)  igurisi_014.jpg (219741 bytes)  igurisi_015.jpg (238059 bytes)
igurisi_003.jpg (158472 bytes)  igurisi_004.jpg (218209 bytes)  igurisi_007.jpg (213613 bytes)  


 Commissioner Busquin at Kihumbe, an African NGO that assists people in providing home-based care for AIDS patients.

Kihumbe supports affected families and educates the community in voluntary counselling and testing to reduce HIV spread.

kihumbe_1811.jpg (349004 bytes)kihumbe_1828.jpg (251554 bytes)kihumbe_1833.jpg (277432 bytes)

Photos: Anne Degrand-Guillaud, Research DG, European Commission, Brussels


Visit to Manhiça Health Research Centre, Mozambique (31 August)
 Brochure ( 1236 kB)
 Commissioner Busquin and journalists at the research centre

Commissioner Busquin and journalists at the research centre 012.jpg (548977 bytes)  Commissioner Busquin and journalists at the research centre 013.jpg (504951 bytes)  Commissioner Busquin and journalists at the research centre 019.jpg (695439 bytes)

Photos: Alexander Bohr, EC Delegation, Mozambique
Manhica health research centre 1 (102422 bytes) Photographs of the research centre Manhica health research centre 2 (184626 bytes)Manhica health research centre 3 (203366 bytes)
Manhica hospital 4 (130973 bytes) Photographs of the hospital Manhica hospital 1 (150695 bytes)Manhica hospital 2 (218610 bytes)Manhica hospital 3 (93237 bytes)


Visit to Aventis, Pretoria, South Africa
Commissioner Buquin (184465 bytes)Visit to the Aventis Pharmaceuticals company in Pretoria - manufacturer of tuberculosis drugs

Commissioner Busquin, Michael Lake (Head of the EU Delegation in South Africa), and Mr Pletschette  (912473 bytes)Commissioner Busquin, Michael Lake, and the Managing Director of Aventis (718330 bytes)

Commissioner Busquin (728534 bytes)Commissioner Busquin (673210 bytes)
Photos: Frank Oberholzer, EC Delegation, South Africa


Speech at WHO's meeting in Johannesbourg, South Africa
busquin-at-who.jpg (829585 bytes) 1 September 

Speech (in French):

Europe et Afrique ensemble pour la lutte contre les maladies de la pauvreté - Commissioner Busquin's speech to the annual meeting of the WHO's regional committee for Africa

Press release:
European Commissioner Busquin presents clinical trials programme to African Health Ministers


Background information
 31 July, Press release:
Combating poverty related diseases: European Commissioner Busquin to visit Africa to promote clinical trials programme (fr de)
 Programme ( 12kB) 
 More details on EDCTP (): EDCTP at a glance (15kB), EDCTP background note (42kB), presentation slides (1 MB)
 Country fact sheets () on Mozambique (33 kB), Tanzania (32 kB) and South Africa (28 kB)
 Presentations () on HIV/AIDS (300 kB), Malaria (540 kB), Tuberculosis (316 kB)
 Fact sheets () on poverty-related diseases (18 kB) HIV/AIDS (25kB), Malaria (27 kB), Tuberculosis (28kB)

EU-funded research in the fight against Tuberculosis

24 March
Press release:
World Tuberculosis day

Access to medicines

28 April
Round Table on Access to Medicines
Opening speech of Commissioner Busquin



13 December
Press release:
European Commission funded research leads to effective new malaria drug
12 November
Press briefing (Heysel Conference)
1.4 MB
29 August
Press release:
EU teams up with developing countries to combat AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis (en fr de )
27 June
Press release:
European research yields guidelines for treatment of HIV-positive pregnant women and infants
EDCTP launch conference in Barcelona (19-20 April 2002)

Background information

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