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* The EDCTP initiative

Two years ago, the European Commission (Research DG) proposed the creation of a clinical trials programme to translate medical research results into clinical applications tailored to the needs of developing countries. Based on an African-European partnership, this initiative illustrates the strong commitment to fight these major scourges of the developing countries.

Experts from 15 European countries and a growing number of African scientists have been working together on this project for the last two years and are now in a position to launch the development of the European-Developing Countries Clinical Trials Programme (EDCTP) for Poverty-Related Diseases. 

The Parliament and Council decided on 16 June 2003 that the European Commission would support a long-term partnership between Europe and Developing Countries by providing €200 million for the development of new medicines and vaccines against HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis (TB). This European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) brings together EU Member States plus Norway, Developing Countries, other donors and industry in a joint effort to combat poverty-related diseases.

For more details read:

EDCTP at a glance ( 15kB) or the 
EDCTP background note
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