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Sixth Framework Programme (2002-2006)  



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Conferences in 2002:
Barcelona & Brussels (Heysel)

* Sixth Framework programme (2002-2006)

The Sixth Framework programme on Poverty-Related Diseases is focussed on two objectives:

  1. Develop vaccines, drugs and microbicides for HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis through basic science up to pre-clinical and early human testing (phase I clinical trials) using the two new instruments (network of excellence and integrated projects) which allow a better integration of research efforts across Europe.
  2. Develop new clinical interventions against HIV/AIDS, malaria and TB through a long-term partnership between Europe and developing countries. One of the main goals of the “European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership” (EDCTP) is to support phase II and phase III clinical trials of promising products in, with and for developing countries."

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The Sixth Framework
programme (2002-2006)

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